Book 6 Chapter 9.5

Book 6 Chapter 9.5 - Only Darkness is Eternal

“Haha!” Marduk laughed loudly, as if he heard the most preposterous joke. “Not even Kebile has the guts to say this type of thing to me! Who do you think you are… wait, could it be that Kebile already swore loyalty to you?!”

“Kebile is quite smart, you shouldn’t be stupid either, so don’t do stupid things and lower your sword. Become my loyal servant.”

Marduk’s hands tightly clasped the dueling sword, this several dozen kilogram weight dueling sword stirring up strong winds, hacking at Su’s waist with unimaginable speed! The narrow indoor space unexpectedly not hindering Marduk’s grand display of attacks, the dual handed blade immediately displaying the sword skill of a great master! With seven levels of speed and six levels of power, Marduk was extremely powerful in close range, could even be said to be number one among the borderland suzerains! 

Only the instant the blade shot out did Marduk roar in anger, “You want me to become your servant? Come back after you become Sun Empire’s great emperor!”

However, before the duelling sword brandished about, Su already took a step forward. The two energy crystals on his lower back lit up, the erupting energy instantly pushing Su’s speed to the peak! Marduk’s duelling sword passed by Su’s original spot, but Su already brushed past his body.

Marduk’s eyes were completely round, staring at Su’s green right eye that was almost within reach with utter disbelief. Reflected in his pupils was his own headless body. His attack struck thin air, and only after staggering forward a few steps did he fall.

While carrying Marduk’s head, Su calmly said, “Sun Empire’s great emperor? I won’t take that long.”

At midnight, Vibimore City’s troops arrived in Tubian City. The last of the sixth level officers sensibly chose to surrender, even though there were only ten soldiers who came to receive this territory.

At two in the morning, Rio City’s suzerain Rhonie was killed in the suzerain manor, four of the seven sixth level officers dying in battle, three surrendering. 

At three in the morning, Caracas City’s suzerain Juan, as well as three sixth level assistants surrendered.

Four in the morning, Valencia City’s suzerain Garen and five assistants surrendered.

Five, Coro City’s suzerain Linden was killed, three assistant also dying in battle.

Also at five, Valencia City’s suzerain Garen only feigned surrender, launching an ambush partway. The troops that came to take over the territory from Vibimore all died, Ross who had just reached seven levels killed.

Five thirty, Valencia City’s suzerain Garen was killed, the five assistants under him executed. Four hundred and seventy out of the six hundred forty soldiers were killed a well. Valencia City thus surrendered.

Six twenty, Cumana City’s suzerain Shodala and two assistants surrendered.


The curtain of night descended, and then it rose again.

When Su returned to Vibimore at the center of this all, he had just completed a large circle. In one day and two nights, Su fought from one place to another, crossing seven hundred kilometers, occupying twelve territories, killed seven suzerains, and thirty one sixth level assistants. Five suzerains and twenty seven assistants surrendered. 

When Su returned to Vibimore City’s high back chair, he carried more than two hundred evolutionary points.

The amount of information he gathered was already enough. When he compared it to the olden era’s map, Su discovered that he had unexpectedly landed on the great southern continent. Meanwhile, if he wanted to return to the great northern continent, it wouldn’t be just a few simple kilometers of distance. Only a single narrow and curved path connected the two continents. If he didn’t go this way, he would have to cross a boundless sea. Moreover, when he deduced that the mysterious Sun Empire might very likely have an apostle hiding within, Su was no longer in a rush to return. 

Su and the apostle were like two vicious beasts standing against each other, waiting for the other party to reveal weakness, neither side in a rush to attack the other. As for why he developed such great hostility towards the apostle, Su couldn’t say exactly either. Only, when he learned of the apostle’s existence, he felt an instinctive type of hostility, perhaps because of the great earth’s Lightning Apostle Fitzdurk, perhaps because of other reasons.

Meanwhile now, all of the fruits and crops produced by the twelve territories’ plantations were harvested, Su digesting and absorbing all of the harvested goods within three days of time. The energy that was absorbed was enough to produce six small energy crystals. At this time, the Panoramic View, accumulated battle experience, as well as control over his body’s cells allowed Su to exceed the level of all so-called combat arts great masters, already approaching an unmatched level.

After completing the new evolution, Su’s eyes already aimed towards Maca City where the empire’s viceroy resided. It was because there were five complete biological breeding tubes there, precisely what Su wished to obtain the most right now.

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