Book 6 Chapter 9.4

Book 6 Chapter 9.4 - Only Darkness is Eternal

Su held the automatic rifle horizontally, moving through the collapsed city walls’ opening and making his way through the city’s disorderly and chaotic structures. The automatic rifle that was currently in single firing mode released an unending tongue of flame, with each shot, a soldier collapsed with an expression of disbelief. 

Under the shadows of the buildings, a sixth level officer held daggers with a reverse grip, silently closing in on Su like a leopard. He was incredibly familiar with every inch of Tubian, chaos and darkness, for him who excelled at speed and hiding, as well as being skillful in assassination arts, was the most ideal environment. He already selected the best ambush location between Su and the suzerain manor. As soon as Su passed this place, he would silently appear behind him, the daggers in his hands then silently severing Su’s backbone.

He entered a shed like a light wisp of smoke, his crouching body almost sticking to the surface of the ground. The gunshots ahead just happened to stop for a few seconds. Based on his previous experience, that was Su reloading the magazine. He stopped for a moment, preparing to rush out from the other side of the shed when the next round of gunshots sounded, thus entering his planned ambush point. Only, when he slightly stopped, the wooden wall suddenly exploded, a bullet carrying scorching heat flew over, entering from the side of his neck, and then exiting through the other side!

Blood poured out from his mouth, nostrils, and wounds like a fountain. He clutched his own neck, but blood still shot out between the gaps in his fingers! All of his strength quickly flowed out of his body. As his consciousness faded, only a single thought hovered in his mind:

Was it really just a coincidence?

Similar thoughts emerged in the minds of three sixth level officers one after another. They all had their areas of expertise, all closing in on Su. However, before they could even launch their attack, they had their necks shot through by an AK rifle bullet. These shots weren’t just simple hits, but shattered the cervical vertebra, as well as severed the central nerves within. This was a fatal blow. Even though though the target wouldn’t immediately die, they immediately lost their mobility, only able to watch helplessly as life left them.

Four powerful sixth level ability users, all the way until their moment of death, never thought that they would fall under an ordinary AK rifle bullet.

Only the fifth, as well as the last sixth level officer, because of his innate prudence and timidness, didn’t move towards Su. As a result, he saw Su rather casually firing two shots, shooting down two of their powerful colleagues. Meanwhile, Su’s green pupil that was extremely eye-catching in the darkness seemed to have swept over his position!

In that instant, he broke out into a cold shiver, suddenly kneeling onto the ground, moreover raising both his hands high above his head! While moving, he didn’t even understand why he was doing this!

The AK rifle’s deep muzzle seemed to have drawn out an invisible line, crossing over all obstructions, moving past the simple and crude wooden room he was hiding in to move past his throat. However, the bullet that was released in the end was fired in a different direction. As a result, a soldier staggered out from the place he was hiding in, the automatic rifle in his hands aimlessly spraying, only after it was emptied did this soldier collapse. Blood was currently shooting out from his neck.

Cold sweat soaked his military uniform. The last sixth level officer never expected that an ordinary AK rifle, in the hands of that man, would become so terrifying!

Following a ka cha sound, Su swapped out a new magazine. This was already the third magazine he swapped. Then, the AK rifle began to roar again, Tubian City’s already thinning gunshot sounds decreasing even further. Only the Ak rifle in Su’s hands continued firing in an unchanging rhythm, starting to draw everyone’s attention.

Even with single firing mode, emptying three magazines didn’t use up too much time. When Su was swapping to his fourth magazine, the gunshots in Tubian City had already completely disappeared. The soldiers who were fortunate enough to be defending the suzerain manor were currently fleeing, more than ten figures frantically running into the dark squatter area. Right now, the brightly lit suzerain manor was no different from a death god’s paradise.

Battles often broke out between suzerains, but the battles were mostly limited to the few high level ability users. Ordinary soldiers were only there to suppress the large amount of slaves and to attack native tribes living outside the cities. Regardless of who the suzerain was, they needed them. That was why as time went on, a strange unwritten rule came into being. When suzerains were settling disputes, victory or defeat would often be decided between ability users with at least three levels of ability. Even though Su didn’t know about this rule, he wasn’t particularly interested in massacring soldiers who gave up their resistance.

Thunk. Su threw aside the AK rifle that was out of ammunition, entering the suzerain manor. Under the bright lighting, he followed the bright red carpet, heading up to the second floor. He entered a general meeting room, and then stood in front of Marduk.

Marduk looked at Su with a bit of shock, originally thinking that the one coming was Kebile. However, regardless of who it came, it didn’t matter. He tossed the half smoked cigar onto the ground, and then took a deep breath. The heavy dual-handed dueling sword, in his hands, didn’t seem to weigh anything. Not only did he easily raise it with a single hand, it even twirled about gracefully in his hands. When faced with this extremely strange opponent, before taking action, a burst of enlightenment made Marduk shout with a low voice, “You are Su?”

Su nodded. “Yes. Lower your sword and vow loyalty to me.”

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