Book 6 Chapter 9.3

Book 6 Chapter 9.3 - Only Darkness is Eternal

“That damn Kebile, did he go crazy? Actually daring to give me this kind of order! Did the idiot go blind?!” In a lavishly decorated living room, Marduk, Tubian City’s suzerain was like an angry lion as he paced back and forth, his furious roars spreading through the eight story suzerain residence.

Marduk was tall and thin, a thick beard that matched the local style resting above his upper lip, the dark and shiny hair giving him quite the profound aura. The muscles on his body weren’t all that developed, but every single fiber was tough like steel wiring. He wore thick armor that carried an older feel, two dueling swords carrying a similar medieval flavor leaning against the sword rack next to the wall. The...

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