Book 6 Chapter 9.2

Book 6 Chapter 9.2 - Only Darkness is Eternal

Rustle rustle…

The conference hall was dead silent, and as a result, its faint crawling sounds became all the more clear. The muscles on Ross’ face continuously squirmed about, his eyes about to bulge out from their sockets as they stared rigidly at the little thing that was quickly crawling over. His body trembled intensely beyond his control. In just a few seconds, his military uniform was already completely soaked from the sweat pouring out crazily!

Ross had long forgotten what he originally wished to say, that line that his ability potential only reached six levels. Fear already completely occupied his consciousness. He really wanted to run, but excessive fear turned his entire body ice-cold, all of his joints feeling like they were frozen, unable to move at all. Forget about running, even collapsing on the ground wasn’t possible.

The little creature carrying the green water bubble suddenly leapt up from the ground. Its front end became extremely sharp, and then with a pu sound, it stabbed fiercely into Ross’ stomach, and then forcibly made its way in!

Kebile who quietly watched everything from the side suddenly felt his face twitch! Even though he had already witnessed scenes much more bloody than this, at this moment, he still felt as if his heart was going to stop beating, as if the one that little creature stabbed was him instead.

Ross collapsed with a loud noise. A finger-sized bloody hole appeared in the pit of his stomach, but only a few drops of blood flowed out. His head faced the sky, entire body twitching continuously, face purple, large amounts of foam coming out from his mouth. From the expression and continuously twitching muscles on his face, it was obvious that Ross was currently enduring unimaginable pain, yet he couldn’t move, nor could he cry out!

Sweat poured out from Kebile’s body, yet he was completely unaware of this.

Su then closed his eyes, as if he entered a state of sleep.

Half an hour later, the shaking of Ross’ body slowly came to a stop. Then, after a few minutes had passed, he miraculously crawled to his feet. Only, his face was full of fatigue, as if he couldn’t even stand steadily.

Ross examined his body’s situation a bit, and then he immediately knelt down before Su, stammering as he said, “... master, Ross will obey all of your distinguished self’s instructions.”

Kebile’s face clearly twitched again, the sympathy he felt in the beginning changing to curses. Even though he considered Su as his master, he still maintained a minimal level of dignity and pride. Who would have thought that this Ross fella would actually act so shamelessly? However, Ross was this type of person. If he even had the slightest awareness of dignity, he wouldn’t have served under Kebile. Kebile even began to hesitate whether he should call Su master from now on. After all, the fear Su gave him was already engraved in his innermost depths. However, his bottom line of pride still prevented him from calling him this no matter what, nor would he kneel down. Kebile understood the consequences of pride and dignity well. In the past, if those soldiers or slaves tried to display this type of dignity before Kebile, the most common result was being tortured to death, and then throwing their corpses to those native slaves who ate anything as evening snacks.

However, Su didn’t seem to mind the difference between the two’s attitudes that much. He opened his eyes again, and then said, “Go and inform the nearby suzerains that they have a day to surrender and swear loyalty to me. After 24 hours, I will head out to accept their territories one by one. For all those who dare resist, death is their sole conclusion.”

Kebile immediately agreed.

When both him and Ross withdrew from the conference hall, Kebile sized up Ross, unable to hide his shock as he asked, “You really have seven levels of ability now? Wasn’t your limit a single sixth level ability?”

Ross said with a bitter smile, “Don’t ask me, I have no idea what is going on either! Su… no, master, his methods truly are… however, this is also a good thing. From master’s intentions, it is very possible that he will launch a war against the empire. Meanwhile, we are already strapped to the same tank, so the stronger the master, the greater our chances of surviving become.”

Kebile didn’t say anything, only silently nodding.

Several minutes later, over a hundred soldiers set off from Vibimore under the darkness of night. They were split into more than ten small troops, separately speeding towards different directions.

Vibimore’s plantations were already completely empty, but the slaves and soldiers didn’t panic. The fruits were luxury goods the distant empire’s great figures enjoyed. Their food was corn, potatoes, and other high-yielding stem tuber type crops. These goods still remained.

For Su, the fruits and potatoes weren’t any different, the amount of energy potatoes provided even a bit greater. However, within the depths of Su’s consciousness were a few imprints firmly engraved from his past, a few beliefs. At the very least, to the best of his ability, he was willing to allow more people to continue living. As for ability users, in Su’s as well as many people’s minds, they already couldn’t be considered people. That was why he wiped out all of the luxury goods, but left behind all of the basic rations.

When the curtain of night descended gain, Su stood up from his throne. He removed the cloth strips covering his body, fully revealing his beautiful, bewitching, and ice-cold appearance. Su only wore the most basic jacket and pants, but his clothes couldn’t hide that beauty and coldness that didn’t belong to this world. His light blonde hair moved about, fluttering in the darkness like a world burning blaze.

It was already time.

Su left Vibimore, heading towards the closest territory.

Su moved alone. Meanwhile, Vibimore’s soldiers would set out a bit later to occupy the neighboring territory.

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