Book 6 Chapter 9.1

Book 6 Chapter 9.1 - Only Darkness is Eternal

After generating the abilities, Su continued eating, a whole afternoon passing just like that. When twilight covered mother earth, several hundred tons of underripe fruits were already transformed into evolutionary points. All that was left behind were ashes that covered a corner of the conference room.

The evolutionary points obtained from eating for an entire afternoon, by the time the setting sun beyond the clouds dropped below the horizon, disappeared like flowing water. In Su’s consciousness, darkness gradually disappeared, the surrounding world starting to appear bit by bit. Even without looking, he could still capture every detail in his surroundings. The formless field of view’s distance was gradually expanding, fifty meters, a hundred meters… this continued all the way until two thousand meters before it finally stopped, thus stabilizing.

Su released a light breath of air, a smile so faint it was almost undetectable appearing on his lips. Panoramic View, this weapon he relied on to traverse the continent finally returned! The Panoramic View’s functions were greatly strengthened, but Su didn’t care much about the increase in his own strength that much. The great emotions he felt was because of the return of his past feelings, the past happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy.

As his body was made complete and his abilities strengthened, Su felt more and more that everything he saw, including the trees, grasslands, seas, livestock, fish, beasts, mutated creatures, even humans were increasing their distance from him, becoming unfamiliar. Everything that happened in this world seemed to no longer share a connection with him, and he became more and more uninterested in what was currently happening in this world, as well as in what was going to happen. He had a vague feeling that only in the endless limits of the void would he find his final objective. Meanwhile, before that final objective, this minute world was completely insignificant, unable to inflict much fear on him at all. Who would care about the few ants, the flowers and plants they trampled to death when hurrying along?

As the world lapsed away, there would still be past feelings. His memories would still exist, and they would never fade. However, those scenes that made him feel grief, smile, and despair were drifting further and further away from him.

Su knew that he was currently shifting towards an ice-cold, dark abyss. His emotions were currently disappearing. Meanwhile, in the very depths of this abyss, there would only be him.

In Su’s past memories, there was only one person who was as ice-cold and mechanical as this, Helen. That was a valiant women whose aura alone could make men become impotent.

Su increased his own abilities in the exact same sequence as in the past, this action like inserting nails one after another into the cliff, these nails able to temporarily stop him from sliding deeper into the abyss. However, how long would these nails last?

After the Panoramic View was produced, Su suddenly felt a formless barrier that prevented him from acquiring more evolutionary points, increase more abilities. The smile at the corners of Su’s lips became even more clear. Sure enough, it was as if had expected. Using eating to obtain evolutionary points and strengthen himself had a bottleneck, not something he could continue endlessly. The barrier’s force originated from this world, a part of this celestial body, this world’s natural laws. At the very least, the current him was still powerless to break these rules. However, since there were rules, there were ways of breaking them. At the very least, from what Su knew, battle and slaughter were ways to break the barrier, the optimal method for raising his abilities.

In addition, this world’s laws weren’t omnipotent, the restrictions placed on ability users only limited to ordinary carbon-based biological bodies. Meanwhile, the upgrading methods of non-carbon based creatures wouldn’t be restricted, for example, a biological form that used crystals as an intermediary between energy and goods. Meanwhile, Su, before his rebirth, already broke through the limitations of his biological form in certain aspects. Now, he could already make basic use of energy crystals, able to automatically generate energy crystals with different functions and embed them within his body.

Su slowly raised his right hand, quietly looking at the energy crystal that could warp gravity to a limited extent, his mind going completely blank.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps sounded outside the conference hall’s doors. Under the Panoramic View, Kebile and Ross were currently walking over one behind the other. Then, a light knocking sound could be heard.

“Enter.” Su’s tone was extremely ordinary, yet it gave off an indescribable awe.

After entering, Kebile directly said, “This is Ross, not that much of a fighter, but extremely crafty and malicious, someone who might even take a bite out of me if I’m not careful. However, he is quite smart, understanding who he needs to serve. In favorable situations, he can serve as an extremely loyal dog!”

After entering the conference hall, Ross silently scanned his eyes around the surroundings. When he saw the empty baskets, he was greatly shaken up inwardly. Several hundred tons of fruits disappeared just like that? Apart from the pile of ashes at the corner of the conference hall, this place didn’t have any other significant differences.

He suddenly thought of the line from the prophecy poem ‘ten thousand trees to ashes’. His heart rapidly contracted, body starting to shake uncontrollably.

Su’s green eyes landed on Ross’ body. In that instant, Ross only felt a deep coldness move from within him out, as if he already became completely transparent. Under the green-colored gaze, there were no secrets to hide. This felt like being stared at by a natural enemy, as if a frog saw a serpent.

“Mental Domain six levels, Area Energy Defense? Not bad, quite the practical ability. If you serve as my slave, remaining eternally devoted to me, I will raise your ability. This ability… let’s just call it Area Offense Defense Strengthening!”

While speaking, Su stretched out his left forefinger. Under Kebile and Ross’ attentive eyes, the end of his forefinger quickly extended. A transparent bubble appeared on the back of the finger, and through the membrane, one could see that it was filled with a deep green liquid. When the bubble was completely filled, Su’s forefinger completely separated from his hand. Before landing on the ground, it extended six bone material limbs. Then, like a strangely shaped insect, it quickly crawled towards Ross!

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