Book 6 Chapter 8.5

Book 6 Chapter 8.5 - The Rising Sun is Also Dark

Baskets of underripe fruits were already piled up in the massive conference room, the conference room’s large door temporarily closed. The slaves who transported the crops piled the fully loaded vine baskets in front of the official residence’s small plaza. Every thirty minutes, the door to the conference room would be opened again, and then the slaves outside the door would pour into the conference room, removing the empty baskets with the fastest speed possible, and then moving a similar amount of fruit baskets inside. When a sufficient amount of fruits were moved into the conference room, they would withdraw and firmly shut the door.

The tables and chairs in the conference room had long been cleared out, only a high back chair belonging to Kebile remaining. Su sat on this high back chair, not moving an inch, looking like a sculpture, the faint awe he exuded comparable to that of a king. 

No one had ever seen Su before, nor had anyone ever heard about Su, but when they withdrew from the conference room, there weren’t any slaves who dared privately discuss this man with mysterious origins. Whenever they thought of Su, the slaves would feel an instinctive type of fear, this fear different from the one Kebile bred through bloodiness and slaughter. This was the type of fear felt when locked in a cage with a starving beast, an instinctive terror one felt towards death.

When the conference room’s door was closed, Su reached out his hand towards the piles of fruit baskets. A new small, flickering black crystal appeared at the center of his palm, its size around that of a grain of rice. However, layer upon layer of formless force fields seeped out from the crystal, distorting the gravity in the surroundings. Bananas flew up one after another on their own towards Su. Meanwhile, Su’s left hand reached out, his fingernails extending out a few centimeters, moving through the bananas and removing all of the roots. The bananas then flew towards Su’s mouth one after another.

Su’s stomach was like a bottomless abyss, an entire basket of bananas disappearing into his mouth in under a minute. However, his belly that had clear-cut abdominal muscles didn’t bulge in the slightest.

Su’s right hand turned slightly, and then a mutated fruit that resembled a durian flew towards him. This mutated fruit was full of fine flesh packed with nutrition, but also slight amounts of poison. However, the main issue was that it was too large, a basket at most storing three or four. Unless Su altered his body structure, with the size of his human mouth, there was no way he could directly swallow it. However, Su’s left hand passed over the mutated fruit with lightning speed, instantly chopping it up into several hundred small chunks that were a few centimeters in width. Then, the fruit chunks were arranged in a line, disappearing into his mouth one after the other, even though there were large amounts of extremely tough fibrous fruit walls within.

Only after continuously swallowing three baskets of various fruits did Su stop. He closed his eyes. On his face and body, a flush of color immediately appeared. Blazing heat continuously released from his skin, distorting the surrounding air, making even his figure appear a bit blurry. The flushed color continued for an entire minute, and only then did it gradually vanish. Su opened his eyes, tilted his head and opened his mouth. With a hu sound, a blast of gray ashes were blown out. These ashes were blown towards a corner, leaving behind a small pile.

This was all that remained of the three baskets of fruits.

Within Su’s consciousness, an information frame was automatically constructed, the data inside continuously changing. The amount of energy the three baskets of fruits brought him, if genetic reconstruction was carried out, would generate roughly a single evolutionary point. Meanwhile, in this conference hall, there were more than forty baskets of fruits, enough to bring him fifteen to sixteen evolutionary points. This was an inconceivable speed, but it was established on a completely new digestion method. Right now, Su’s torso was completely vacant. When food entered, it would undergo the most ferocious and thorough combustion, releasing large amounts of energy, then be absorbed or converted by Su. The efficiency of absorption was several dozen times that of a traditional human digestive system.

Right now, there were two different paths before Su. One was just like before, reconstructing abilities on genetic and body aspects. The other was to condense and solidify the energy, generate energy crystals of all different functions, using this to display various types of abilities. This was another path his body could take, one that would no longer be considered a biological body, or perhaps, no longer a carbon-based biological body. After carrying out a large amount of deducing and calculations, Su randomly selected an evolutionary plan from several hundred equally matched ones.

After eating from early morning until now, Su already possessed over 130 evolutionary points. After all of the food in the conference hall disappeared, Su finally decided to stop and generate corresponding abilities.

He closed his eyes. A moment later, wriggling signs appeared on his body’s skin, as if there were countless earthworms crawling back and forth. The main ability domain Su raised was still the Perception Domain. Sight Strengthening, Overclocked Hearing, Glimmer Sight, Infrared Sight, Long Range Sensation, Transparent Surveillance, these incredibly familiar abilities were generated one after another, only stopping when they reached the seventh level Spirit Reaction. Now, Su only had less than ten evolutionary points.

All of his thought centers were operating at full speed, inspecting and revising the newly generated abilities. Everything proceeded quite normally. The seven Perception Domain abilities could all be perfectly displayed, moreover extremely stable without any deviation between each use. Under the control of his thought centers, right now, Su became all of history’s most precise and steady machine. However, after the inspection of his abilities finished, Su unexpectedly became distracted.

He subconsciously chose Perception Domain abilities. When these abilities that could be considered a part of him in the past were returned one after another, the memories of when he obtained these abilities for the first time replayed before his eyes one after another. For example, the living corpse empress who held that olden era magazine...

A small crack quietly appeared in Su’s ice-cold, machine-like heart. When he was living in the wilderness, he felt simplicity, perplexity, and happiness. However, what did his current self have? Mysterious symbols that carried unlimited information were stored within the depths of his body, appearing when he needed them. Just a small portion of the simplest symbol was enough to fill Su’s fifty thought center brain. These mysterious symbols didn’t need any space to store information, instead hiding in a space that was impossible to detect. They would appear on their own when he summoned them, moreover releasing the corresponding information based on Su’s needs. Every single symbol was like an independent intelligence center with powerful functions. Not only did they know when to appear, they also knew what they had to do after appearing.

What if they were treated as a type of extremely unique species?

Su’s body trembled slightly! He discovered with shock that, if these symbols were viewed as biological bodies, then they possessed all the characteristics of a biological body!

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