Book 6 Chapter 8.4

Book 6 Chapter 8.4 - The Rising Sun is Also Dark

Just as he was making these speculations, Kebile’s cold voice suddenly sounded. “Ross, you know I’ve always hated being pried at!”

The officer’s entire body shuddered. He raised his hands above his shoulders, expressing he didn’t have any hostile intentions, and only then did he slowly turn around, saying, “Great suzerain, I didn’t mean anything else by it, nor would I have any other kinds of thoughts. My ability talents stop at six levels, so even if your distinguished self’s position is given to me, I wouldn’t be able to sit there for more than a few days. The surrounding suzerains would immediately tear me to shreds. Just now, I was just worried for your distinguished self, worrying… oh, no! Heavens, you’ve already successfully absorbed an eighth level ability?! This is truly inconceivable, doesn’t the ability need a week to fully form?”

Kebile’s hand stroked the bloody long whip, looking at his assistant Ross with narrowed eyes. He knew that this assistant was always cunning and crafty like a viper, but he was similarly clear on the fact that what he said was true. In Sun Empire, especially the border region, if one wanted to become a suzerain, they had to be strong enough, intelligence alone wasn’t enough. In Sun Empire’s system, abilities were treated with the highest importance. It could be said that the higher the abilities, the higher the status. This was a world that favored abilities. The border regions were combat type ability users’ world, while in the core region of Sun Empire, Perception, Mental, and Mysterious Fields Domain ability users also had majestic statuses and corresponding power and wealth. The knowledge passed down regarding abilities and biological science and technology were extremely developed in Sun Empire, to the extent where it clearly exceeded the Blood Parliament’s level, and abilities were already quite widespread. Single level ability formulations already became common goods even free citizens could afford. However, from another standpoint, in the field of inherited science and technology, Sun Empire was astonishingly behind. Not only was there no new technology that surpassed the olden era, they couldn’t even succeed the olden era’s level of science and technology. This was an extremely warped state, yet it continued to this day.

That was why in the bordering region, with seven levels of ability, Kebile who was good at fighting and killing had status similar to a king. Meanwhile, the cunning and crafty assistant, because he only had six levels of ability, could only serve as an assistant.

Kebile took a breath, and then a vague layer of light suddenly appeared on the surface of his body, his obese body immediately full of terrifying power. The assistant couldn’t help but take a few steps back, and only then did he stabilize himself. He carefully inspected Kebile’s stance, sensing a stabbing vicious aura. He couldn’t help but cry out, “Eighth level Offense Defense Mastery! This… is the true Offense Defense Mastery!”

Kebile released a snort, and then slowly withdrew his ability. He coldly said, “There’s no need to be so shocked. Everything you’ve seen is real. Right now, even if you were given an AK rifle, you still wouldn’t be able to kill me. This is the gift Vibimore’s new master, Lord Su, gave me.”

“Lord Su? That is… the one from last night… he can grant an eighth level ability?” Ross’ voice began to tremble. This was a world where ability decided everything. An existence who could bestow an eighth level ability was truly no different from Sun God.

Kebile slowly said, “The ability came from a formulation, but Lord Su can make it take form within a day, and I originally couldn’t absorb that vial of drug. That is why this is practically no different from having the eighth level ability bestowed onto me.”

Ross took a deep breath. This wasn’t much different from being granted an ability. In an attempt to feel things out, he asked, “What kind of background does this Lord Su have?”

“I don’t know either! However, I believe he has something to do with Kabi and Robbio.”

“Prophecy poem!” The assistant sucked in a breath of cold air.

Kebile laughed in a sinister manner. “You already know too much!”

Ross’ expression immediately became ugly to the extreme, saying, “Kebile, you’ve also become sinister.”

“That is because before, there was no need!” Kebile said with a cold laugh.

Ross thought for a bit, and only then did he say with a bitter laugh, “Then, if I don’t vow loyalty and devotion, I probably can’t continue living. Right now, what do I need to do to express my loyalty? A slow acting poison, or is it something else?”

Kebile’s smile became even more malevolent. “None of that! Lord Su needs some capable subordinates, and in return, he might even grant you a seventh level ability. Of course, that’ll depend if you can hold on to your little life!”

“That’s all?” Ross didn’t dare believe this. The conditions didn’t only sound good, but ridiculously good. The conditions unexpectedly didn’t have any threatening methods, and large amounts of people would be willing to do their utmost for Su over this.

“That’s all!” Kebile replied in a resolute and decisive manner. However, no one believed his answer.

Ross definitely wouldn’t believe Kebile’s words. At the very least, if he obtained the ability but wasn’t willing to serve under Su, then Su would definitely take action to kill him. Even Kebile had been subdued, so how could a sixth level assistant like him stir up any waves?

“It doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice.” Ross said with a bitter smile.

“Indeed.” Kebile agreed, and then with a nasty grin, added, “If you don’t agree, without waiting for Lord Su to even action, I will kill you right here!”

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