Book 6 Chapter 8.3

Book 6 Chapter 8.3 - The Rising Sun is Also Dark

“What is this? Calling me the disaster of the last days? What was it that made you believe this?” Su revealed a slight smile as he asked.

This was the first time Kebile saw Su smile. Even though cloth strips covered most of his face, Su’s charm wasn’t something a few cloth strips could hide. However, when he saw this angelic smile, it made Kebile instead feel a deep coldness. 

“My intuition.” Kebile said stiffly. However, he immediately added, “The things written on that thing has already been passed down between those black-skinned monkeys for a few decades, just some crazy words.”

Su carefully looked at the damaged note again, and then slowly said, “There was this prophecy decades ago? Truly quite interesting. Then, how many years has it been since Sun Empire was established?”

This was common knowledge, so Kebile immediately said, “65 years.”

Su nodded, and then asked, “Was your ability formulation obtained from Sun Empire?”

“Everything under five levels was managed on my own, but there’s no choice beyond that, all relying on exchanging medicine from that son of a bitch!” When it got to exchange, Kebile became angry again.

“How many types of ability formulations can be exchanged for from that viceroy? What type of ability domains?”

“They separated all of the abilities into five domains, respectively the Combat Domain, Magic, Mental, Mysterious Fields, and Perception. Abilities from any domain can be exchanged for, and up to eight levels can be exchanged for. From the list I saw last time, there were a total of 1,536 types of abilities, eighth level abilities much fewer, only 16 types.” This man who looked rough and direct from the outside possessed unexpected sharpness towards numbers.

“Ability formulations are divided by grades?” Su asked another question.

“Correct, they seemed to have divided the medicine’s qualities into many grades, below five levels three grades, above five levels five grades, and when the eighth level is reached, there’s eight motherfucking grades! The higher the grade, the higher the probability of success, but of course, the more expensive it becomes. The lower grade formulations, if it doesn’t successfully produce an ability, there is a chance that it might bring the body long lasting damage, things only those lunatics who want to take a gamble would play with. However, even the highest grade formulation only has a 50% probability of success. Those damned blood-sucking vermin! Sooner or later, I want to trample their asses rotten!”

Then, Su asked where the drugs came from, how great the supply was, the conversion conditions, what kind of abilities there were exactly, and other things. Kebile answered them all one by one. As the amount of information he obtained increased, the speed at which Su spoke also clearly slowed. His analysis of Sun Empire already occupied most of his thought centers, the amount of thinking ability now substantially decreased. However, as the analysis were carried out, conclusions emerged one by one.

The classification of ability domains was the same as the Blood Parliament.

Types of abilities, elementary and advanced levels of abilities’ degree of similarity exceeding 70%, holy rank ability similarity 25%.

Number of abilities exceeded the Blood Parliament, the variety of high level abilities much greater.

The system of classification exceeded the Blood Parliament, the likelihood of ninth level ability formulations exceeding 65%.

The degree of ability system completion exceeded the Blood Parliament.

Shape of society, divided between lords and slaves, the differentiating factor between status: ability.


“Alright, that’s pretty much everything. What does your distinguished self wish to do?” Kebile waited patiently for a long time. Only when Su’s eyes landed on him again did he ask this.

“I want everything this place has, including you.” Su said. His charming voice, even though pleasant to listen to, possessed an ice-cold and mechanical tone. Kebile felt as if he was listening to a machine speak. “Then, we will look for that viceroy. However, before that, we have to capture all of the territory in this region!”

Vibimore was already awake before the sky even brightened. Thousands of slaves were woken up from their dreams by armed soldiers and hurried off to the various plantations. The order they received today was extremely strange, but these slaves who had obedience in their blood wouldn’t question their superiors’ orders. Their insensitive minds and thoughts wouldn’t develop any doubt towards the orders.

Underripe bananas, coconut fruits that had just been filled with pulp, and large amounts of fruits that hadn’t reached maturity were chopped by the slaves, stored into baskets, and then delivered to the suzerain manor one vehicle after another. There were already several dozen slaves who used relay transport methods to deliver the filled vine baskets to the top floor, delivering it into the boardroom. In the suzerain mansion’s surroundings, a ring of armed soldiers looked at the baskets with strange expressions, their faces full of regret. Tropical crops that hadn’t ripened yet were mostly sour and astringent, impossible to eat. The slaves didn’t feel much when cutting down these underripe foods, because these weren’t things that they could eat. However, the soldiers were different. Many of them understood some rough economic principles, understanding that the more abundant the harvest, the more they could purchase with their meager salaries. However now, it was evident that the main plantations’ harvests had all been destroyed. Then, how were they going to make it through this winter? Where would their salaries come from?

There were a few smart fellas who thought of this problem, but they definitely wouldn’t be so foolish as to speak it out loud. This was an order Kebile personally issued, and the result of disobeying this tyrant was something everyone understood well.

In the luxurious villa adjacent to the suzerain manor, Kebile’s assistant was currently standing by the window, borrowing the window curtains to hide his body, watching with a complicated expression as an unending stream of activity was carried out. As Kebile’s assistant, as well as Vibimore’s second strongest ability user, he had a rough idea what happened last night. Only, he didn’t know who it was exactly that entered this official residence. However, from the abnormal action Kebile carried out this morning, he could already guess the victor of last night’s battle.

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