Book 6 Chapter 8.2

Book 6 Chapter 8.2 - The Rising Sun is Also Dark

Su sat on the high back chair again, quietly waiting as Kebile stood up, organized his uniform, and then wiped away the bloodstains from his face and head.

“Please wait a bit, I have to take care of a small matter first.” Kebile said with a bitter laugh.

After obtaining Su’s tacit agreement, Vibimore City’s greatest dictator walked with large steps towards a shattered french window. With a raise of his foot, the two windows were sent flying, crashing into the small public square in front of the official residence. Even though the lights in the room continuously flickered about, in this night covered Vibimore, this was already the brightest area. The dazzling lighting landed on Kebile’s body, illuminating a figure that had previously inflicted great nightmares upon most of the people in this city.

An ear-piercing alarm sound woke up everyone in this city. It had already been many years since such great activity had happened in the suzerain mansion. Normally, even if Kebile was angry, there would always be a specialized prison execution ground for him to vent and kill at. Several thousand native slaves would, under his violent rage, become casually slaughtered victims.

In the empire’s extensive bordering area, Kebile was the most ruthless suzerain. However, his status and the land he occupied weren’t any inferior to others, because among all the suzerains, he was also one of the strongest individuals.

In that instant, in the darkness, under the shadow, countless eyes landed on Kebile’s body.

“This old one is still living quite well! You bastards are all disappointed, right? Now! All of you better drag yourselves back to your kennels and go to sleep. If anyone dares give this direction another glance, this old one will dig out his dog eyes and then hack off his hands and feet!” This was Kebile’s signature roaring and threatening, and he was ready to turn his threat into action at any time.

Vibimore became quiet in under a minute, and then there really was no one else who dared give the suzerain’s official residence another look. This unexpected result made Su develop a slight interest in Kebile’s past methods and deeds.

Kebile swept his eyes over the dark Vibimore. He nodded in satisfaction, and only then did he turn around, spreading his arms and revealing a forced smile. “Now it’s quiet! I believe we can start our chat now. May I know your name?”


“Alright then, Respected Su Great One, welcome to Vibimore, my small territory! I believe that you can see that this place is filthy, chaotic, with vile smelling trash everywhere, as well as similar smelling slaves. Those soldiers can only be used to deal with native tribes or to suppress some disobedient fellas. Right now, the plantations haven’t reached the season of harvest yet, the things inside of them not worth anything, not suitable to even be chopped up to feed a fire. Of course, I know your respected self definitely isn’t doing this for money. If we were talking about value, the items in these two chests are already the most expensive items in this region. However, you used a syringe worth a thousand robust slaves on me. That is why right now, even though I do not know what you want, I really don’t believe I have anything here that can satisfy you.” Kebile said.

Su calmly said, “I want everything this place has.”

“This seems a bit difficult to handle!” Kebile scratched his large head that was covered in curly hair, and then said somewhat awkwardly, “As long as your distinguished self can let me go, it isn’t much even if all of Vibimore is given to you. In addition, I can promise that the black-skinned monkeys below will all listen obediently. As for my assistants and aristocrats, as long as their interests are preserved, it doesn’t make much of a difference to them as to who serves as suzerain. However, there is just one point that is a bit troublesome…”


Kebile hesitated for a bit, but in the end still continued. “The trouble is that everything in this region is nominally a part of Sun Empire’s territory. Even though the suzerain titles can be self granted as long as one is strong enough, if one wants to stably control this region, the approval of Sun Empire’s viceroy station here is required. That fella is quite treacherous, I don’t like him at all. In addition, his appetite is quite great, needing to be constantly satisfied!”

“Sun Empire?” Su remained silent for a bit, and then said, “Then that is to say, above the viceroy, there is another great emperor?”

“No, Sun Empire only has a single highest Sun God. Even though I do not know aside from the title, what kind of difference there is between him and a great emperor.” Kebile shrugged his shoulders. 

“Why does a suzerain need to acquire the viceroy’s acknowledgment?”

“Because they have formulations that can increase abilities, diesel fuel and gasoline, condiments, weapons and ammunition, in short, they have everything this place doesn’t have! Meanwhile, what they need, is only bananas, coffee, fruits, those things grown in the plantations outside. Aside from those, they don’t lack anything. Meanwhile, if we want to obtain anything, we have to exchange for them with these things! All of the suzerains are like this, or else we can only light candles at night!” Kebile’s arms flew around as he spoke angrily. It was quite obvious that during the exchange process, he definitely had more than his fair share of mistreatment and losses.

Su still had a look of contemplation. He asked unenthusiastically, “Then why don’t you just seize those things?”

Kebile revealed a helpless laugh, and then fiercely scratched his hair a few times before saying, “Seize? Even if all dozen or so suzerains grouped up together, we still wouldn’t be able to beat that son of a bitch. How are we supposed to seize those things?”

“Not even eight levels of ability is enough?”

Kebile thought for a bit, but still shook his head in disappointment. “Definitely not enough! Before me, there were already two suzerains with eight levels of ability, but they obediently respected the viceroy’s laws. That is why I am not enough either. Damn it, that son of a bitch! To be frank, the first time I saw your distinguished self, I thought that you were some big shot noble from the empire who came out to play, but now I know that you aren’t.”

Su finally raised his head, asking, “Then who am I?”

“Your distinguished self is…” Kebile clenched his teeth, and then fished out the notebook from the pile of trash. He tore off the prophecy poem page and handed it to Su.

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