Book 6 Chapter 8.1

Book 6 Chapter 8.1 - The Rising Sun is Also Dark

Kebile stared at Su. He slowly got to his feet, and then stretched out his body’s joints, his stout and strong body unexpectedly releasing pi pi pa pa cracking sounds. Thunderous power was currently gathering within him, while Su on the other side, no matter how he looked at it, only had two or three levels of ability. In the exchange of attacks that took place in an instant, Kebile still didn’t sense any great power from Su’s body. On the contrary, Su’s power was small to a shocking degree.

However, it was precisely this bit of power that disturbed his center of gravity, causing him to be toyed with. From the retaliation of the long whip, to being smashed into the ground by Su, ninety percent of the power came from Kebile himself. Kebile released a blast of white air from his nose, eyes covered in bloody wisps, staring at Su like an extremely angry bull. With his violent disposition, when he saw the enticement of Su’s weak looking exterior, he wanted to throw himself over and smash Su’s chest in. However, his reasoning and intuition were reminding him that Su’s warning definitely weren’t empty words.

Kebile's blood-red eyes sized up Su a few times, and then he said with a low roar, “I will not yield!”

Su gave Kebile a quiet look, and then he said, “Fine, then I will give you one last chance, also your final chance.”

Kebile suddenly calmed down. His chest rose and fell to a greater extent, the sound of breathing like roaring winds. Power continuously gathered, his dark skin displaying layers of luster, even that completely cumbersome belly displaying profound power. The newly developed eighth level ability already began to display its power. Under the effects of Offense Defense Mastery, Kebile discovered that his current self that had suffered heavy injuries instead exceeded his peak state!

He suddenly lowered his body, his drooping body slapping the ground, releasing a muffled sound. Following his body’s crouch, it was as if the entire building caved in!

Kebile arrived before Su with a single stride, his steel-like fist like a tank, smashing towards Su’s face. Apart from the power increasing several times, the angle at which he attacked was the exact same as the first time. The first attack was released when Kebile had just woken up from a dazed state, his body and reaction speed still at a low point. However, he believed that his current optimal state self definitely wouldn’t be defeated by Su in such a trifling manner.

Wisps of sharp energy appeared in front of the fist, fine and concentrated explosions continuously sounding around the fist. The energy flowing between the fist and bones made it indestructible. This was a fist that could smash a steel plate crooked!

When the fist made contact with Su’s forehead, Su’s left hand blocked Kebile’s fist again just as expected. A sinister smile appeared at the corners of Kebile’s lips, and then his right arm became a ring thicker. He already couldn’t add any more force, because he already merged his entire body’s strength into this fist! Kebile already sensed that Su’s absolute power wasn’t that great, and that was why he tried to use pure strength to overwhelm Su. He didn’t hope to win over Su, but as long as he could touch Su’s face, then that was victory for him.

This was a textbook example of the mind of the weak, not even the brutal and domineering Kebile understanding why he would suddenly have this type of thinking.

When Su’s left hand made contact with Kebile’s fist, it moved slightly backwards. Just these two centimeters of distance made all of Kebile’s frightening momentum shift upwards. In addition, Su led Kebile’s fist in an insignificant small circle, this already enough to destroy the center of gravity Kebile worked so hard to preserve.

With a whoosh sound, Kebile’s body weighing over 200 kilograms flew into the air again. After flying in a ring, he was sent smashing down onto the floor by Su again!

A muffled sound that made one’s teeth sore sounded in the office once again. The carpet had long been blasted to pieces, the concrete floor smashed apart, only the steel reinforcing bars barely enough to hold the floor together. This was an extremely heavy strike. When Kebile was smashed into the ground, Su’s left hand shook, this shaking making all of the bones in Kebile’s body vibrate endlessly, striking against each other, producing cracks on the cartilage covering all of his joints. If not for Offense Defense Mastery greatly increasing Kebile’s defensive strength, all of his joints’ cartilage would have fully shattered. However, now, the damage his joints suffered made it so that Kebile could no longer exert himself greatly anymore.

In a completely deemphasized manner, Kebile’s body became covered in internal injuries, unable to fight any further.

Kebile raised his head with difficulty, the first thing that entered his vision Su’s jade-like right hand. The fingernail of his right hand reached out a few centimeters, at the tip a faint purple color. Kebile’s eyelids jumped, immediately knowing that this fingernail was covered in poison. As long as it made even a slight cut, he would die an incomparably painful death.

“Convinced now?” Su asked.

Kebile raised his head a bit higher to meet Su’s gaze. Su’s right eye was deep green like water, without a trace of emotion. Kebile suddenly shivered inwardly, as if his entire body had been thrown into a frozen lake! The fierceness in his eyes finally disappeared, and then he nodded his head.

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