Book 6 Chapter 7.6

Book 6 Chapter 7.6 - Seventy Thousand Trees to Ashes

After speaking, Su squatted down, and then pulled open Kebile’s collar, unexpectedly fiercely stabbing it into the nape of his neck, and then injecting all of the contents! The intense pain of the injection caused Kebile to release a few miserable cries, and then the familiar feeling that followed left him stupefied. Su unexpectedly gave him the injection, this was simply inconceivable!

When the drug entered the body, it would immediately boil, the activated terrifying cells scattering in all directions, continuously rushing towards Kebile’s nervous system’s center. After modifying the nervous center, only then would the remaining cells carry out a genetic level alteration. This process was full of pain and suffering, as well as a complete remodeling of the body’s organization. To fully obtain Offense Defense Mastery ability, he would also have to wait several weeks of time before the newly produced tissues would replace the dying old tissues.

Su placed his right hand on Kebile's lower back, and then his body composition was immediately reconstructed in Su’s consciousness. Then, a symbol that was so small it couldn’t be distinguished appeared in Su’s consciousness. When the symbol was broken down, a sea of information immediately filled up two-thirds of Su’s thought center’s subsidiary memory regions. This was already the result of automatically choosing the information that was most useful to him at present, or else just this extremely simple symbol alone would be enough to explode Su’s brain.

After obtaining the essential materials, Su established two filtering criterion in Kebile’s body, ‘stability’ and ‘strengthening’. Then, two small flesh bug-like tissues made their way out from Su’s arm, and then they jumped onto Kebile’s back, entering through his injuries.

Kebile suddenly a chill on his back. Two icy strands entered his body, one piercing into his vertebra, the other swimming towards his brain. In the blink of an eye, his entire nervous system seemed to have become frozen! However, because of this, not only did the ability formulation’s pain decrease substantially, Kebile could clearly sense that the surging activated cells delivered much less damage as well. This wasn’t because the ability formulation lost its effects, but rather that in the areas the icy strands passed, all of his body’s tissues and even genes were greatly strengthened.

“Could it be that I really will succeed this time?” This thought couldn’t help but emerge in Kebile’s mind. He forgot that he was currently in a powerless, numb state.

Su stood up, returning to Kebile’s chair. His left elbow rested on the armrest, hand supporting his chin, entering a thinking state. Before his feet, Kebile’s body was still twitching involuntarily, releasing low roars of pain from time to time. The process of developing abilities was extremely painful, and when at the verge of failure, the suffering would be even more intense. Kebile already experienced this once, and now, he discovered with alarm that the pain became more and more familiar, unexpectedly displaying signs of failure again!

Pain and despair made Kebile release low roars, continuously cursing Su, yet unable to budge an inch. Meanwhile, Su sat in the high back chair, his vacant eyes gazing into the distance, unknown what he was thinking.

Several hours passed just like that. Kebile’s throat had long grown hoarse, losing even the strength to shout. He laid on the ground in resignition like a slaughtered pig, only occasionally twitching a few times. The saliva that flowed out uncontrollably from his mouth gathered into a pool on the ground. Meanwhile, the intense pain made a large area of his pants wet, a heavy smell wafting through the room. However, Su looked as if he didn’t notice any of this.

Just as the night was about to pass, Kebile’s stout fingers suddenly moved. A moment later, the middle finger with the enormous ruby ring twitched ever so slightly.

Kebile suddenly  bounced up from the ground like a horny male elephant, his thick fist carrying power measured in the tons as it smashed towards Su’s face! Only when the fist was about to make contact with Su’s faint blonde hair did he release a snarl. 

“Go to hell, youngster!”

However, Kebile’s fist didn’t land on Su’s face like he had imagined. In that instant, Su who had remained silent the entire time raised his left hand, blocking his heavy fist. Immediately afterwards, Kebile flew through the air. The world spun all around him, and then his enormous body came roaring down, slamming heavily into the ground!

A muffled sound rang out within the office. A ring-shaped shock wave scattered out. All of the french windows immediately shattered, the glass fragments rushing several meters out.

With Kebile’s body as the center, the ground caved in, producing a seven meter long crater. If it weren’t for the fact that there were enough steel bars beneath the ground, their quality great enough, this impact alone would have sent Kebile down a floor.

A sharp alarm sounded in the suzerain mansion. Troops of soldiers carrying loaded rifles charged out from every angle, rushing inside the suzerain manor. The office’s dark red door was also smashed open by someone, two elite soldiers carrying AK rifles rushing inside. They immediately saw the silent Su who was still sitting in the high back chair. The fear they immediately felt almost completely overwhelmed their consciousness. They subconsciously raised the muzzle, about to empty all of the bullets onto Su’s body.

However, a sudden roar stopped all of their impulses to pull the trigger. “All of you better get the fuck out of here! No one is allowed to enter this building!!”

Even though Kebile still couldn’t crawl up, he raised his head and roared, the great anger making his face swell until it turned from purple to black. The two soldiers were momentarily unable to react in time. Kebile who had recovered a bit of his mobility reached out his hand to grab the handle of the long whip, and then with a flick of his wrist, the long whip lashed out like a poisonous snake, blasting open a soldier’s brains!

Blood and brain matter flew in all directions, spraying on the dark walls. The walls already had many similar traces, to the extent where they hadn’t even been cleaned.

The lucky soldier didn’t say a word, immediately turning around to run. Those under Kebile all knew that when this demon king became angry, the best thing to do was to do what he said. If they showed the slightest hesitation, then that companion next to him was the best example of the result.

After releasing a whip, Kebile felt a wave of weakness. Then, abundant energy filled his body again! He raised his head, staring fiercely at Su, but didn’t dare act recklessly again.

“It seems like the new ability improved your impression of me.” Su finally returned to being a living person from a statue. The green light scanned over Kebile’s entire body, and then he said indifferently, “If you dare do something stupid again, I will kill you. My patience is extremely limited.”

This was the script Kebile often used, yet it was now spoken by Su. However, even Kebile felt that this situation was extremely normal.

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