Book 6 Chapter 7.5

Book 6 Chapter 7.5 - Seventy Thousand Trees to Ashes

This was the prophecy poem left behind by the local native tribe. The natives that were captured from these tribes enjoyed praying at night, and this poem was often chanted during times of prayer. That was why Kebile had heard it more than once, but always treated it as nonsense.

However, his intuition told him that the news Robbio brought back this time was not normal, highly likely that the conjecture was true. Kabi was one of his competent underlings, but unexpectedly died in such an obscure manner, with not even Robbio knowing how exactly he died. Meanwhile, even though he was on the verge of death, Kabi wasn’t willing to tell Robbio what exactly happened. Only then did Kebile think of this prophecy, and thereupon had Robbio write down the four opening lines down. In reality, Robbio only barely knew how to write, while Kebile was even worse,...

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