Book 6 Chapter 7.5

Book 6 Chapter 7.5 - Seventy Thousand Trees to Ashes

This was the prophecy poem left behind by the local native tribe. The natives that were captured from these tribes enjoyed praying at night, and this poem was often chanted during times of prayer. That was why Kebile had heard it more than once, but always treated it as nonsense.

However, his intuition told him that the news Robbio brought back this time was not normal, highly likely that the conjecture was true. Kabi was one of his competent underlings, but unexpectedly died in such an obscure manner, with not even Robbio knowing how exactly he died. Meanwhile, even though he was on the verge of death, Kabi wasn’t willing to tell Robbio what exactly happened. Only then did Kebile think of this prophecy, and thereupon had Robbio write down the four opening lines down. In reality, Robbio only barely knew how to write, while Kebile was even worse, the number of words he recognized few, even reading extremely difficult.

In Kebile’s eyes, these four lines of warped texts seemed to have come alive, every single one of them sinister like a devil, throwing themselves fiercely at him!

With a pa sound, Kebile threw the notebook fiercely on the ground. He then stepped on it, grinding it with the base of his boots, squeezing out from the gaps between his teeth, “Last days? Do you really think this old one is as stupid as those black-skinned monkeys?! Heng, isn’t it just some crazy native who sensed some giant mutated creature before its death? What is so special about that?!”

The notebook was already in tatters from being trampled on. Kebile then forcefully pulled on his belt, tightly binding the extremely cumbersome belly before grabbing a bottle of strong alcohol. Only after fiercely drinking a few gulps did he calm down a bit. Once he became cool-headed, he began to think carefully about all of the clues, the expression on his face gradually becoming more and more serious. “Something’s not right, none of the fellas in the sea are easy to deal with. After all these years, who knows what kind of creatures there are inside now? Moreover, for the black-skinned monkeys to sense it, it's definitely not some simple matter! Forget it, I’ll let those blood-sucking vermin have their headaches over this!”

Kebile grabbed a locked chest, and after pressing a few times, a syringe filled with boiling medicinal liquid was revealed. It rested in the ice-cold compartment, flickering with purple radiance under the room’s lightning. When he saw this syringe, Kebile’s chubby face began to tremble. He began to mutter, “As long as I can get eight levels of ability, what last days disaster do I have to worry about? At worst, I’ll ditch this rotten city! If this old one is given a few years of time, where wouldn’t I be able to find another few thousand slaves and establish more than ten plantations? Fuck, I have to succeed this time! This old one only has enough money to try one more time!”

Kebile’s dark and thick hand slowly reached towards the deep-freeze storage’s activation switch, sweat pouring down frantically from his forehead again. This was the highest quality eighth level formulation, but the probability of successfully absorbing it was only half. Meanwhile, he had already failed once beforehand.

Right when his fingers were going to touch the button, a deep yet enchanting voice sounded, “Need my help?”

Kebile turned around like a twister, his eyes staring rigidly at Su who was calmly sitting on the luxurious high back chair that originally belonged to him.

The corners of Kebile’s eyes jumped, the meat on his face even more so trembling. His large mouth and thick beard formed a cruel and malevolent smile. The precious ability syringe was blocked by his massive body, while his right hand moved behind him, silently clasping the whip that never left him.

A hint of cold radiance flashed past Su’s right eye. He indifferently said, “Lower your hand. Otherwise, you will regret it.”

“Is that so?!” Kebile laughed, revealing a row of large yellowish-brown teeth stained from smoking cigars. He suddenly brandished the long whip, and then shouted, “This old one is someone who likes doing things he will regret!”

The whip released a few crackling sounds in the air, and then it thrashed fiercely towards Su’s face! Kebile was quite confident that once this whip descended, even those with four levels of defense would have their heads split open!

Su reached out his left hand to block it, allowing the whip to slightly tangle around his hand. Then, his arm moved. The long whip suddenly unfolded, flying back with even greater speed, fiercely striking Kebile on his shoulders and back! Following a crisp pa sound, Kebile’s military uniform exploded, and then his dark and thick skin quickly revealed an imprint. That area immediately began to swell, and then the skin burst forth, revealing several strands of purplish-black blood. The power of this whip was equivalent to Kebile striking himself at full strength, yet there was only a bit of flesh wounds. One could see just how great his defensive strength was.

Su’s right eye flickered, long noticing that Kebile only had around four levels of defensive strength. However, the innate thickness of his skin was vastly different from that of humans, extremely resistant to beatings. With these two together, it was equivalent to having six levels of defensive strength.

As the energy supply increased, Su’s sole right eye’s functions began to start up one after another. Aside from obtaining many materials related to the strengthening of his body, his right eye could also see through almost all living creatures’ true composition. At the very least, before Su’s right eye, Kebile didn’t have any secrets to speak of.“Little bastard, a bit interesting!” Kebile laughed sinisterly. He brandished the long whip again. With a flick of his wrist, the long whip released an exploding noise, and then hacked down towards Su! In this small room, Kebile treated this long whip like an extension of his arm, not fearing that it would touch any object or wall, the power not decreased at all. As long as the whip landed a solid hit, even ability users would be thrashed until their bones broke!

However, Su sat there without moving, only using his left hand to push and block. As soon as the whip made contact with his hand, it suddenly seemed to have changed owners, fiercely striking down on Kebile’s body. In the blink of an eye, Kebile who was frantically brandishing the whip was riddled with scars. Even though his body was quite durable, after being continuously struck by his own full force attacks more than ten times, he still couldn’t endure it. He released a roar of pain, and then the long whip left his hands. His legs buckled, and then he fell onto the ground. The military uniform on his body had already been beaten to tatters, injuries of varying sizes interweaving together, blood flowing in all directions.

Kebile’s arms and legs twitched involuntarily, but his consciousness was still extremely clear-headed. There was no way this amount of pain would make him submit. However, even though his body could sense everything clearly, it didn’t possess the slightest bit of strength. His muscles that were abnormally limp informed him that he had been afflicted by some type of poison.

Kebile laid in a prone position, the side of his face pressing against the carpet. Su’s military boots moved right past his eyes, walking towards the long table where the passcode-locked chest rested.

Kebile was extremely familiar with this pair of shiny high quality boots. After thinking for a bit, he realized that this was originally his favorite pair of boots! However now, this pair of boots already wasn’t important. He heard the sound of the locked chest being opened, and then after some electronic sounds, a blast of cold air spread through this room. Kebile immediately knew that Su opened the deep-freeze storage, obtaining the syringe that was exchanged for with the lives of a thousand robust slaves!

“That’s mine!” Great anger made Kebile roar out this line, even though from the current situation, these were completely useless words.

Su looked at the syringe in his hands. Radiance flickered in his right eye, and then he said, “Eighth level ability formulation, let me see what the ability built inside is… en, Combat Domain’s Offense Defense Mastery? Even this ability has a formulation now? Truly an unexpected good find. However, from what you said just now, it seems like you already had one injection, but ended up failing?”

Kebile was fierce and tough after all, not displaying any sign of submission even in this type of dire situation. “Without seven levels of ability as a foundation, injecting this thing will only cause inevitable death! Moreover, it can only be stored in low temperature, and it will lose its activity after five minutes of leaving the storage box. That is why you can forget about trying to sell it, you despicable bastard!”

“Five minutes?” Su laughed, and then said, “Already enough time!”

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