Book 6 Chapter 7.4

Book 6 Chapter 7.4 - Seventy Thousand Trees to Ashes

Even the slum area was divided into grades, the areas near the wealthy district all natives with free statuses, the middle and outer regions where the slaves lived.

Su made his way through the slum housing. Only by walking through here would one realize that even though it was nighttime, it wasn’t the slightest bit peaceful. Sounds of men and women engaging in primitive intercourse could be heard from all over the place. Meanwhile, the shouts of brawls and miserable cries of being suppressed would sound from time to time. There were many people squeezed into every into every single shed, the size barely enough for them to lay down. If any of their movements were slightly greater, the walls made of various materials would start to rock back and forth. They all had beast-like intuition. In the darkness, these individuals were all sizing up Su who was slowly walking through this ghetto with curious and dangerous eyes. However, the aura his body gave off made them feel even greater fear than the AK rifle slung over his shoulder, so no one dared to act recklessly.

“Want a girl? I can do anything! There’s clean areas too!” A native girl who looked to have just reached adulthood suddenly rushed out from the shelter, pulling up her skirt in front of Su. She didn’t wear anything under her dirty long dress, her exposed body covered in many scars, but it didn’t tarnish her tender and fresh youthfulness. She worked hard to stick out her chest that was rather well-developed relative to her thin and weak body, hoping that Su would look at her.

Su stopped and gave her a look, his flickering deep green gaze making her take a few steps back from fear. After only giving her a glance, Su already obtained a lot of information: eight year old female, basically fully matured. At nine years of age, she would sexually mature. She was already pregnant for a month, triplets, give birth in three months, mortality rate 36%. Her body’s condition was extremely bad, carrying twenty-two types of diseases, fifteen of them infectious...

Su raised the AK rifle, pushed the native girl to the side with the ice-cold barrel, clearing up his path ahead. The rifle possessed greater persuasiveness than any words, so the girl had no choice but to move out of the way. Of course, Su also knew that unless he brought her to another place to complete the deal, in the location she offered, he might just have his brains hacked apart white halfway into the process, and then have all of his possessions looted. Meanwhile, his body would become the midnight snack of many people here, this was, if he really was an ordinary soldier.

This was Vibimore, a chaotic, filthy, unrestricted place full of trash and death, as well as heaven for a select few.

The slum housing and wealthy district’s zone of separation was fifty meters wide. This distance was not completely enough to cut off the stench, but because wind blew towards the commoner region from the wealthy district year round, the privileged class didn’t have to worry themselves too much over this, let alone the fact that the natives here weren’t as delicate as olden era humans.

Su’s feet slightly exerted force, and then his body passed through the zone of separation as if he was sliding on a frozen surface, entering the wealthy district. This road was much more even, the surface of the road covered in crushed rocks and stone, rarely did sewage gather. It was clear that this region at least had a sewer constructed. The wealthy district was made up of wooden houses, these simple and crude houses having two or three bedrooms and a self-made bathroom. In Dragon City, not even subordinates would be willing to live in these types of residences, but in this place, they became grand residences most of the privileged class used. Unlike the dark slum housing, the largest high-ranking officials’ residences released lighting that could still be considered bright. It seemed like these families were the true ruling class, able to use the extremely expensive and scarce electricity.

Su wasn’t too interested in this privileged class. The reason he walked through this city was mainly to further understand the structure of society here, as well as what hid behind it. However, Su already discovered that the so-called privileged class’ families pretty much all had a member with three levels of ability. There were both males and females, but they were all the head of their families. Meanwhile, the masters of the grand residences privileged enough to use electricity had at least five levels of ability, the largest grand residence even having sixth level energy fluctuations. This fluctuation was extremely familiar to Su, belonging precisely to the officer he saw this afternoon who carried back the locked chests. Apart from this, his perception ability was exceptionally powerful. When Su used his right eye to examine the goods in the locked chests, just like Kebile, he also unexpectedly sensed something.

Su followed the street around a turn, perfectly avoiding a troop of patrolling soldiers, and then walked towards the suzerain residence.

The suzerain residence that occupied a vast amount of space was brightly lit, electricity so abundant it was enough to illuminate the garden’s lights. At this moment, the official residence’s courtyard door slowly opened. An off-road vehicle roared out from within, quickly driving out from the city. In an instant, Su unexpectedly discovered that aside from three ordinary soldiers, there was someone he was extremely familiar with seated in the off-road vehicle, Robbio. Even though there was quite some distance between them, Su could still sense Robbio’s powerful fear, uneasiness, and restlessness.

What mission was he going to carry out, where was he going? When these questions surfaced in Su’s mind, Robbio who was in the driving cabin suddenly sensed something, turning around to look towards Su! Apart from the outlines of houses, he didn’t see anything. Robbio muttered a few curses, and then looked forward. Ever since Kabi’s death, he felt as if he was becoming more and more sensitive, as if there was always something hiding in the darkness, spying on him. This type of feeling almost drove him mad.

On the third floor of the suzerain residence, Kebile was currently standing in the exceptionally spacious office, in his hands a thick, gold-gilded notebook. His arm was perfectly straight, his narrowed eyes releasing killing intent as he stared at the warped handwriting.

When the last days rise from the sea,

All trees turn to ashes, 

The rising sun will dim as a result,

Only darkness remaining eternal.

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