Book 6 Chapter 7.2

Book 6 Chapter 7.2 - Seventy Thousand Trees to Ashes

On top of the impact resistant padding’s notches were fifty neatly organized syringes! These syringes were organized in sets of five, the barrel storing a distinctive dark green liquid, indicating that this was a medication that could produce abilities. Kebile pressed down on the chest’s corner, and then the impact resistant padding was raised by the frame, revealing a layer of identical soft padding. The frame didn’t stop, continuously rising all the way until the fifth layer of soft padding rose completely above the chest.

When he saw the neat and tidy, densely packed ability medicines, Kebile cracked open his lips, a deep and rough laughter sounding from his beard-covered large mouth. “Not bad, not bad! With this, I can build two special platoons! Hahaha! Just looking at this makes one smile! En, what about the other item?”

The officer immediately handed the code-locked chest in his left hand over. This time, the speed at which Kebile inputted the passcode was much slower, clearly scared that he might put it in incorrectly. He put in more than thirty digits, and only then did the locked chest’s display turn green.

The chest’s cover slowly rose, releasing a blast of cold air from within, instantly adding a layer of frost on Kebile’s beard and chest hair. Kebile only widened his eyes, staring rigidly at the items in the chest. From his dark brown pupils, the scene within the locked chest was reflected. The inside of the box was a transparent deep-freeze container, white mists coiling about within. The temperature inside the chest could be seen on the display screen in the corner, currently negative a hundred and six degrees. At the center of the deep-freeze chest was shockproof soft protective padding, inside of it a syringe that seemed to be straight out of a science fiction novel. Even while under negative hundred degree conditions, the purplish-black liquid in the barrel continued to move about, as if it was boiling. This syringe didn’t seem to be holding medicinal liquid, but rather some type of organism with extremely strong vitality. Only by using the ultra low temperature storage could it be properly stored in the syringe.

When he saw the liquid that seemed to be alive, Kebile had long held his breath, his attention completely focused on this vial of syringe. After a long, long time had passed, only when his face turned green from suffocation, his fat continuously wriggling about, did he close the chest’s lid with a pa sound and release a mouthful of turbid air.

When the code-locked chest was opened, the surrounding soldiers with slightly sharper perceptions felt a wave of terrifying gloomy coldness pass over their bodies. It was as if what was stored in the locked chest was a vicious beast about to tear them apart and feast on them. However, the officer whose abilities were clearly higher than ordinary soldiers didn’t display any changes, only, when his line of sight made contact with that syringe, a bit of passionate radiance that he was bitterly hiding leaked out. The moment Kebile closed the chest, both his and the officer’s expressions suddenly changed. In that instant, there seemed to be an extremely complex and cold ripple that swept over, surrounding everything within several meters!

However, when the chest’s lid closed, the waves disappeared into thin air, as if nothing had happened at all. Kebile scanned the surroundings with cold eyes, especially in a certain direction, but didn’t notice anything. He thought for a bit, and then when his line of sight swept over the two locked chests, greed and desire were revealed again. The strange feeling he felt just now had already been flung to the back of his head, treated as excessive paranoia.

Kebile received both locked chests, and then said, “What do those greedy and shameless fellas want now?”

The officer hesitated for a bit, and then said with a soft voice, “They said that if you want another chest like this, they need a thousand slaves under twenty years of age…”

Kebile immediately exploded with rage. “A thousand slaves?! Damn it! If they are all given to them, who is going to do my work? Who is going to work on all this land? Motherfuckers, don’t think that I don’t know what kind of shady business they are doing! They don’t need people for work, they just want experimental goods! If those slaves are sent over, none of them can think about coming out alive! Heng, just damn it all, actually trying to scheme against me!”

The officer clearly felt fear towards an angry Kebile, continuously saying, “Yes, yes!” The several dozen slaves working not too far out also heard Kebile’s roars, and as a result began to tremble continuously.

After roaring hysterically for a while, Kebile calmed down, giving the slaves who heard him speak a look and coldly saying, “Then again, exchanging the lives of a thousand slaves for an eighth level ability, this price isn’t too high. Moreover, it is still quite some time before harvest season, so if luck allows it, we’ll be able to seize back this amount of slaves by fighting a few more battles. Alright, let’s just leave things at that! Go pick a thousand slaves, remember, the quality cannot be low! Those blood-sucking vermin aren’t that easy to mess with, so don’t do stupid things. Also, these fellas heard what I said just now, so bring them all over later!”

After giving out this order, Kebile didn’t give those slaves who were crying out with everything they had another look, lifting up the two locked chests and walking with large steps towards the city. Even though they knew they were going to become experimental goods, the slaves still only dared to kneel where they were, wailing and begging for forgiveness, not willing to take a step away from their areas of work. Meanwhile, even though they were well aware of the value of the locked chests, and the fact that Kebile didn’t even bring a pistol with him, the officer and soldiers didn’t dare have any strange thoughts.

Everyone here knew how frightening the five meter long whip at Kebile’s waist was.

Kebile brought away these two priceless locked chests just like that in a grandiose manner, self-assured as he entered Vibimore City. In this area, Kebile was god.

On a distant palm tree. Su slowly opened his eyes. He looked towards Vibimore, and then said to himself quietly, “Eighth level formulated ability? … a bit interesting.”

Su slowly bent his body, pulling it back to the extreme, and only then did he suddenly erupt with power, rushing into the sky! He drew a beautiful arc that stretched several dozen meters across the sky like an eagle, silently heading towards Vibimore.

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