Book 6 Chapter 6.7

Book 6 Chapter 6.7 - From the Sea

After an entire hour passed, the analysis came to a result. The conclusion that was obtained was extremely simple, but it also provided a rough picture. As for exactly how accurate it was, he would find out when he compared it to reality.

Su finally turned around, looking towards that native and asking, “Where can I find food?”

When he saw Su’s empty left eye and incredibly calm right eye, the native soldier suddenly began to tremble. In this great era that lacked food, they would occasionally be eaten by enemies after being captured. Meanwhile, he sensed a clear hunger from Su’s eyes!

The native soldier frantically moved his head, begging Su not to eat him. When he thought about how he was going to be devoured bite by bite, the bloodthirsty native solder couldn’t handle that type of fear either!

“Why can’t I eat you?” Su patiently and calmly asked.

As soon as he heard these words that seemed to be a turn for the better, the native soldier immediately began to babble on, several dozen reasons of all different sorts flooding out. Regardless of whether the reasons were reasonable or absurd, Su patiently questioned and answered him. Just in these few minutes of questioning and answering, Su’s skills in this language gradually became fluent, his pronunciation becoming more and more accurate, in the end speaking it as fluently as if it was his mother tongue.

Mother tongue? Su suddenly felt a bit puzzled over this thought. When he thought of the word mother tongue, the first thing that entered his consciousness were unexpectedly bright and varied symbols that had incredibly complex structures, these symbols able to break down endlessly. The amount of information a single symbol could carry was equivalent to an entire library.

Su only thought for a bit, and then tossed the mother tongue issue to the side. Right now, there were things that had to be done in an order of precedence, which was to find enough food, figure out where he was, complete his body, evolve abilities, and then finally…

As for what he would do then, Su temporarily did not have a plan.

Right now, the inside of his body was almost completely blank. After using a method similar to combustion to digest and absorb nutrients and energy, most human organs were already completely useless for Su. However, when constructing his body, he still formed perfect male sex organs. This was despite the fact that during this process, his instincts continuously reminded him that compared to the human reproductive system, there were presently more than thirty thousand more optimized and energy saving proposals to choose from. Meanwhile, after the evolution was completed, there would be several tenfold of choices. For example, if he only wished to produce later generations, there was a super reproductive system that could instantly generate several hundred thousand gametes carrying genetic information. What it would produce were actually multicellular tissues the size of small bugs. They could fly and swim, as well as survive for over a week, able to travel 300 kilometers through the air or swim 50 kilometers underwater. It could select a mother host body on its own, and after being born, it would maintain purely Su’s bloodline, not being contaminated by the mother body’s genes at all.

However, retaining the human exterior came under the premise that Su chose the proposal his instincts offered with the highest chance of upgrading into the perfect body composition. To help visualize this better, right now, Su was like a machine with many empty slots, ready to have components with different uses installed. Evolutionary points would still display their use, which meant that the danger of genetic collapse similarly existed in Su’s body. Using genes as the innate bond system was this celestial body, this world’s most complete and effective system. Based on the knowledge buried in his right eye, Su became aware that if he wanted to bypass this system, he would have to pay a tremendous price, and the gains would not make up for the losses at all.

In a daze, Su felt as if he returned to when he first entered the Black Dragonriders, a time when he needed money, food, weapons, and large amounts of evolutionary points. What was different was that the current Su could generate all types of abilities as he wished, as long as he had enough evolutionary points. Moreover, after his right eye was successfully activated, Su could constantly perceive and scan this world. When needed, he could produce a new ability suitable to this world, even if this ability had never appeared before. Meanwhile, his current body, from a strength standpoint, was already equivalent to an ability user who had went through comprehensive three levels of strengthening. Even though Su hadn’t recovered any abilities until now, Cross-Sectional Detection didn’t disappear following his destruction and rebirth, now solidifying, becoming a part of Su’s innate ability.

As Su fully grasped the local language, his conversation with the native soldier finally came to an end. While looking at this native soldier who was full of despair, yet didn’t dare resist, Su waved his hand, saying, “I won’t eat you, nor do I want to kill you. You can go. Only, within a month, you aren’t allowed to appear before anyone.”

The native soldier was greatly surprised. He first fiercely knocked his head a few times into the ground, and then he stood up, slowly withdrawing into the distance. Only when he withdrew more than ten meters did he suddenly turn around, running into the forest as if he went mad.

Su didn’t have any intention of going back on his words. Surviving for a month in the jungle alone, for this native soldier, wasn’t an easy task, but it wasn’t so bad that he couldn’t survive. He roughly ascertained the direction, and then began to run. His running state was relaxed yet full of power, a stance that would make others feel extremely uncomfortable if they watched, but the speed was extremely fast. A few minutes later, Su stood beside a simple road. He lowered his head, giving the truck wheel marks that had just been produced a look, and then with a chuckle, he began to jog along the wheel imprints in an unhurried manner.

From what the native soldier told him, roughly thirty kilometers out was an extremely large inhabited area, precisely what Su was searching for.

Creatures large and small who relied on instincts to survive might be able to run, but an inhabited area isn’t that easy to relocate, right?

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