Book 6 Chapter 6.6

Book 6 Chapter 6.6 - From the Sea

Just a few kilometers out, Su was currently sitting on a rock, one hand supporting his chin, one hand on his knees, deep in thought. His entire body was bare, fully displaying his perfect human body. While thinking, the charm he released became more and more astonishing. If one was purely judging based on appearance, then his face wouldn’t be inferior to anyone’s, regardless of whether it was male or female. However, this type of pretty and somewhat soft face, in the current situation, regardless of which angle one looked at it from, no one would think that it was the face of a woman. Su didn’t have a scowling expression, nor did he release any pressure, but no matter who it was that saw him, they would all feel a formless and indistinct pressure, displaying a natural imposingness. In reality, this was a type of fear people felt towards an excessively beautiful existence.

Su continuously thought, the solid skull rather spacious and empty, the five thought center processors only occupying a small corner of his skull. Right now, all of his thought centers already fully started up, analyzing all of the intelligence and information he acquired. His abdominal cavity was also empty, his entire chest becoming an enormous digestion compartment. Only after he acquired more food, produced sufficient energy, would he be able to develop new organs, add more functions to his body.

In front of Su’s face currently knelt that missing soldier. He was laying on the ground, attitude extremely respectful. However, his trembling body displayed his extreme fear. He occasionally bobbed his head towards Su, and then muttered a few lines, before entering a long period of inactivity. His body had several small and unremarkable injuries, the marks leftover from Su’s torture. Just from how much fear this extremely primitive, bloodthirsty, and wild soldier was facing, one would know that the pain these injuries brought was definitely not as slight as they looked to be on the surface.

That was why Su only had to make a few movements, and then this native soldier revealed everything he knew. Language wasn’t an obstruction, even though what the native soldier spoke wasn’t the English the Blood Parliament used.

During his memories’ decompression process, many of Su’s original knowledge was once again organized and classified. After being analyzed through certain rules, they were then stored again. Right now, Su only knew that this native spoke some type of Latin system language, which was already enough for him to understand. As for which language it was under the Latin system, it wasn’t important at all. Regardless, the language used by humans, for Su, was as simple as the simple words of a child.

The language was extremely simple, but the information Su received was quite abundant.

From the native soldier’s descriptions, Su learned that the place where he landed had a blistering hot climate with dense tropical rain forests or overgrown thickets everywhere. A large coconut grove rested by the coast. The rainfall here was plentiful, rivers many, and it was rich with minerals. Due to a lack of food, the deepest parts of the rainforest simply became a heaven for mutated creatures. All types of strange and vicious animals lived here, but what was more unique were the many and varied insects, most of them poisonous. Flesh eating plants were the main theme of a different region, their existence making many parts of the tropical rainforest pitfalls.

On this vast and primitive great earth, not only were humans not rare, their numbers were instead plentiful, to the extent where there was a kingdom under theocracy! The kingdom’s residents were mostly these small but strong natives. Their body compositions were special, the thick and tough skin not only able to withstand physical abrasions, it could effectively defend against radiation as well, simply an all-purpose leather armor. Meanwhile, the kingdom’s middle and upper class were all made up of caucasians and a few other races, but not a single native. Apart from slaves and hard laborers, the greatest opportunity for advancement of the natives was to become soldiers. Meanwhile, those with greater luck might even muddle their way into being a company commander, but that was as far as it went.

What made Su enter a deep state of thought was that this native soldier had abilities too, moreover his ability levels not low. One level of power, speed, defense, and speed strengthening, as well as a level of weapon mastery. Even though five level one abilities only needed five evolutionary points, it already made this unremarkable native soldier a slaughter machine comparable to the greatest elite special forces soldiers of the olden era. Even though it lacked perception ability, the native’s naturally sharp perception was enough to compensate for this weakness. This was a simple, highly effective, and economical plan, able to increase his combat strength to the greatest degree while paying the lowest cost, and not inflicting too much harm to the soldiers’ bodies. The native soldier’s physique was a bit stronger than most of the wilderness refugees Su had seen, and because of that, even ordinary natives could also produce five evolutionary points worth of abilities, while the refugees on average could only obtain three evolutionary points.

The problem laid in the fact that apart from the two who were clearly commanders, the abilities of the other native soldiers were exactly the same as the one before him! Even dragonrider subordinates that were trained in batches would have many differences in abilities produced. It was because every person’s talent and potential was different, the amount of genetic strengthening medication they could obtain also different. From the native soldier’s recount, the second year after being chosen to join the army, ability medications already began to be injected, thus forming five level one abilities. His comrades similarly had medications injected in the second year they joined the army. Of course, some part of this was due to the native soldier bodies’ inner quality being stronger, but at the very least, this proved that this power’s research on low level abilities wasn’t inferior to the Blood Parliament’s, perhaps even a bit greater.

After acquiring this information, Su began to carry out an analysis on the local power’s structure and traits. Only, the processing capability of five thought centers wasn’t’t enough, it would require at least an hour of time before the preliminary results were obtained. Su wasn’t in a rush either, time had already lost its meaning for him. As such, Su just sat there in a daze, waiting for the result of the analysis. During this entire process, he only moved once. At that time, Su suddenly released a cold laugh, reaching out his hand into the sky and pressing two times before returning to normal.

Su clearly didn’t jab at anything, yet the native with its sharp senses seemed to have vaguely heard a blood-curdling scream from the distance.

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