Book 6 Chapter 6.5

Book 6 Chapter 6.5 - From the Sea

Robbio’s face was overcast and dark. He suddenly laid on the ground, smelling the surface like a wild animal, and then he shot towards a distant lush undergrowth. Kabi took a deep breath of air, switching the revolver to his left hand. With a flick of his right wrist, a black alloy thread appeared in his palm. Then, his body shot out like a bullet. This two meter long alloy thread that was incredibly tough was Kabi’s true weapon. As for that revolver, even if he exchanged the bullets, it was still just a tool for dealing with normal targets.

When Kabi ran into the thicket, Robbio had already made a few trips around this place. He straightened his waist, saying gloomily, “Our soldier should have gone missing here. However, I still can’t find any traces! Nothing! Kabi, we’ve definitely been targeted by those ‘things’. What do we do?”

Kabi narrowed his troubled eyes, slowly turning his body around to examine his surroundings. The dark clouds, shrubbery, bare trees, weeds that grew irregularly, everything looked just that familiar, that natural, yet...

Extremely strange!

He couldn’t say for sure where the problem laid, but he knew that there was something wrong. In reality, there was ample proof, for example, a soldier disappearing silently before their very eyes, as if they just vanished from the face of the earth. Moreover, Robbio who was even sharper than a hunting dog couldn’t find any traces or clues!

However, there had to be other parts amiss apart from this.

The wrinkles on Kabi’s weather-beaten face sank deeper. The corners of his eyes throbbed slightly, his narrowed eyes sweeping through everything in the  surroundings. Meanwhile, his ears continuously moved about, the wind sounds, grass sounds, distant tide sounds, and even finer sounds seemed to have been amplified, these sounds magnified several times the norm battered his ears. A drop of sweat dropped from the edge of his hair, moving along his rough old skin, gathering into a larger drop by his lower chin, and then falling, ultimately breaking apart on the medal on his uniform.

This sound that was extremely slight made Kabi’s entire body jump!

“I understand!!” When speaking this, Kabi’s voice suddenly became incredibly rough and dry, as if he hadn’t drank water for several days. He looked at his surroundings, and then slowly said, “Robbio, do you not see? In this region, aside from us. these trees, and grass, there is no other life, not even a single bug.”

Robbio’s expression also changed. He thought back, and then said, “It’s the same inside the coconut grove!”

“Exactly!” Kabi suddenly relaxed, producing a cigar, lit it, and then silently smoked it. Robbio waited quietly. He had a feeling that Kabi was treating this cigar as the last of his life, enjoying it at this moment. Only when the entire cigar was finished did Kabi reluctantly part with it, saying, “I believe, I have a way of finding out what happened.”

Robbio also knew that Kabi had a strange innate ability, one that could see the events that took place not too long ago. Otherwise, Kabi whose forte was in the Mysterious Fields didn’t really have outstanding combat abilities, unable to become a dispatched troop’s commander at all. Purely in terms of combat strength, Robbio was quite a bit stronger than Kabi, yet he didn’t feel any dissatisfaction in serving as his assistant. Apart from Kabi’s abundant experience, staying together with a Mysterious Fields commander would more or less grant him a bit of luck as well. This was already general knowledge in their region.

However, even while at their wits end, Robbio didn’t urge or remind Kabi to use that ability. Perhaps subconsciously, with his beast-like intuition, he already sensed that if Kabi used his innate ability, unpredictable results might happen.

Kabi was hesitating as well. A bit later, he finally set his resolution. Wasting time like this wasn’t the solution. If he could find out what exactly led to this region of death, then that was what had true value. If he continued to let time flow past, it might exceed the scope of his ability. Kabi suppressed the faint uneasiness he felt inside, took a deep breath, and then the expression in his eyes gradually became blank. Kabi’s pupils began to change, starting to merge with the whites of his eyes.

Robbio held his breath, knowing that Kabi had already reached the critical moment of displaying his ability.

“This… what is this?!” Kabi seemed to have seen an extremely terrifying scene, suddenly involuntarily releasing a cry! Immediately afterwards, his face flushed with a layer of redness, his originally white eyes suddenly becoming blood red! Then, with a pu sound, two bloody lines shot out from his eyes, unexpectedly shooting two meters out!

Kabi released a muffled groan, and then he fell face first onto the ground. There were already only two badly mangled cavities where his eyes originally were!

Robbio was startled. He threw himself over to Kabi’s side, momentarily feeling a bit bewildered. Kabi reached out his trembling hand, grabbing Robbio’s hand that reached over, and then did everything he could to push outwards, speaking discontinuously, “Hurry… hurry and leave… hurry! … I cannot say, cannot say anything…”

Robbio really wanted to know what Kabi saw, but Kabi clearly received fatal injuries, not willing to speak about what he saw even if he died. When he thought of how Kabi was mysteriously seriously injured and now on the verge of death, Robbio’s intuition told him that if Kabi said what he wanted to hear, then he would have a similar end, and this would include all of the soldiers by the truck.

He had to leave as quickly as possible! Only by leaving this place already shrouded in death was it safe! His wild animal instincts told him that he had to leave this place as fast as possible, and he couldn’t bring Kabi with him.

He struggled a bit inwardly, forcefully grabbing Kabi’s hand. Then, he suddenly stood up, and with a speed even faster than that of when he arrived, he rushed back to the truck, throwing himself into the driver’s seat. A minute later, all of the soldiers returned to the vehicle, and then the truck turned around, rumbling through the shrubbery as it sped along the incoming road. Along the way, Robbio focused on driving, forcing himself not to think about anything related to Kabi. However, he couldn’t help but observe the ground in his surroundings, searching for signs of life. Yet, after driving out more than ten kilometers, there was still not a bit of life to be seen! Sweat poured out from Robbio’s body drop by drop, leaving his military uniform completely drenched, even gathering into a water spot on the seat.

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