Book 6 Chapter 6.2

Book 6 Chapter 6.2 - From the Sea

Machard ran further and further, finally disappearing into the limits of the void. Meanwhile, Serendela’s stellar stream was unexpectedly dragged by him into the distance as well.

Behind Su, the death stars were currently increasing, but he only saw Serendela depart into the distance, disappearing. He was powerless to chase after her, nor did he dare to chase after her. This great battle of spiritual worlds concluded with this type of unexpected situation.

When Su withdrew from the spiritual world, he watched as his body collapsed and dissipated under the powerful energy radiance. The moment before his complete destruction, Su’s innermost instincts suddenly activated, a white-colored symbol appearing. The moment he saw it, Su understood its function. As a result, in that short instant that was nearly impossible to quantify, all of Su’s memories, all of his genetic secrets, to the extent where everything he had seen, everything he had experienced, all turned into various mediums and were stored inside of this symbol. This symbol was three-dimensional, unknown just how many layers overlaid on top of each other to form it, almost as if it could be endlessly differentiated. No matter how great the amount of information, it could still easily store it.

When all of the information was completely stowed, this mysterious symbol turned a light golden color, and then disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, Su’s last memory was completely occupied by a boundless white radiance.

Then, what followed was an ice-cold, dark ocean floor world.

Su gradually strengthened himself from nothing, all the way until he saw light again. In that instant, Su’s right eye was regenerated, moreover activating. When his right eye successfully activated, in the vast ocean floor world, several hundred thousand individual parts that were simultaneously undergoing evolution stopped that process at that instant, all of them completely dying.

In his memories, in that instant, Su clearly recalled a clear fear from three different directions. However, it was only momentary. These three feelings disappeared one after another, gradually vanishing into the backdrop of this world. Even though Su was a bit shocked, he didn’t pay too much attention to it. Survival and evolution occupied all of his attention. In the serene and hidden right eye’s depths, a bit of redness never disappeared.

At the center of the blood sea, was the young lady in eternal rest.

It was precisely because this memory was about to fade that Su’s comprehensive rebound was finally activated, once again seizing control over his body.

The drifting in the sea would come to an end. No matter how great the wind and waves were, even if there truly was the existence of a formless black hand, natural power was still boundless and irresistible. This sea area’s ocean current still drew near the continental shelf via trade winds. Several tens of days later, dry land finally appeared. Su brandished his sole right arm, and then began swimming for the first time. This distance he could see with his naked eye, actually used up half a day of time, and only then did he borrow the last tide to drag his tattered body onto the sandy shore.

This was a quiet beach, all of the clamshells’ outer shells tightly closed as they submerged into their nests’ innermost depths. Meanwhile, in the distance, sea crabs of all different sizes were frantically running, currently leaving this sandy shore.

The same old method of cutting off food supply? Su released a cold laugh. His right hand supported himself on the sandy shore. He raised his eye, and then his deep right eye locked onto the coconut trees growing at the edge of the beach.

Su’s right arm brandished forcefully, dragging his body to the side of the coconut grove. He grabbed a tree trunk, and then climbed to the top in one go, biting open coconuts one after another. A moment later, all of the tree’s coconuts were eaten. However, Su was far from satisfied. He bit down on the tree leaves, and following chewing noises, an enormous palm leaf quickly disappeared. In the blink of an eye, only a bare tree trunk remained. After eating all of this, Su’s vigor clearly improved by quite a bit, only spitting out a small mouthful of scorched black residue. The waste products had already been charred black, almost no water content or organic matter left.

Su’s right hand brandished about, jumping to another coconut tree, starting to eat the coconuts again.

Right at this moment, an ice-cold thought emerged from the depths of his consciousness. The efficiency of eating with this type of mouth is too low. Immediately afterwards, a completely new set of mouthparts appeared in his consciousness. It was similar to a sandworm’s mouth, able to automatically lengthen and shorten, more than ten layers of sharp teeth densely packed inside, able to easily crush apart any food easily. Meanwhile, the powerful and forceful muscle fibers would even allow it to bit through the tree trunk in one move. If this type of mouth was produced, the current eating process would be much easier. The coconuts would definitely be devoured in one gulp, and the palm leaves could be devoured as well, the efficiency indeed becoming much higher as a result.

Pah! Su fiercely spat out a mouthful of black residue, using this as his response. He left this coconut tree that had been eaten clean, and then jumped to the third tree.

If one looked down from above, they could see that the lush seaside coconut grove was currently becoming barren at a faster and faster rate.

When the sky brightened again, Su walked out from the forest. He recovered his perfect human body again. Meanwhile, behind him was a completely devoured forest.

Su followed the gradually brightening light of day, walking towards the distance. His light blonde short hair fluttered about in the wind like a flame.

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