Book 6 Chapter 6.1

Book 6 Chapter 6.1 - From the Sea

Not even a complete human body was suitable for long term activity in the water, let alone Su who currently only had an intact right hand. That was why he drifted along the sea, allowing the ocean waves to push him back and forth, not wasting precious energy to try and control the direction. After all, aside from water, there was only more water all around him, the sky a heavy gray without any stars visible, unable to ascertain his current position at all. As long as he had a bit more food, Su could repair his body further. However, in the past few days, forget about the whale sharks that often appeared on the ocean surface, Su didn’t even sense a single fish or prawn within his range of perception. Even if he released an enticement fluctuation, he still didn’t obtain the slightest reaction. It seemed like there wasn’t a single ocean creature within a range of ten kilometers in this ocean region. Otherwise, there was no way they could resist the enticing fluctuation.

It was as if there was a large invisible hand controlling everything from behind the scenes.

However, what would this accomplish? It wouldn’t change anything, Su coldly thought.

If he had followed his right eye’s original path of evolution, Su shouldn’t have appeared at all. It should be in a sea and sky dual-talented state, body length three meters long, entire body streamlined, spraying water and moving its tail as its two primary movement methods, also capable of a short period of gliding flight in the air. His underwater speed would exceed a hundred kilometers per hour, the gliding speed in the air a terrifying 180 kilometers per hour. After eating once, it could travel for over 500 kilometers. Together with six large scale bony stingers that had a firing range of 50 meters, it was already a hundred percent the king of the underwater world. On top of this foundation, it would search for a continent based on its memories and the celestial body’s magnetic field, from this undergo a three stage transformation. Only at that time would he produce around twenty thought centers. Based on its judgment, this level of intelligence was already enough to completely suppress this celestial body’s kings of intelligence, the human race. As for the human race’s powerful ability users, those were targets it would only deal with after undergoing further evolution.

Upon obtaining enough food, it would start researching all types of societal patterns and other general knowledge regarding the human race, search for the most optimal point of entry.

However, this entire set of a complete and mature process was forcibly cut short by Su. He recovered his human state. Even though his body was still incomplete, he at least recovered his complete memories. The continuous changes that previously happened within that flesh sphere were actually the most intense battle between two types of evolutionary states, a life and death struggle carried out between both sides within every single evolutionary cell.

The one who won in the end was still Su. Ever since his instincts awakened, every important battle resulted in Su’s victory.

If Su was defeated, even if he recovered his human appearance in the future, Su didn’t know how much of his consciousness and memories would still remain. Moreover, he knew that under the present circumstances, even on the continent, the human race wasn’t the optimal state for survival, meaning that if he allowed the right eye to make decisions on its own, then he definitely wouldn’t display a human form, at the very most only something similar. The other reason was that in the judgment of this right eye, the human race didn’t pose a threat at all, so it would directly abandon the stage of integrating with human society with a human form.

While drifting along the ocean, the previous battle with Serendela replayed itself again in Su’s memories.

At that time, the battle of the spiritual world reached its end. There were less than a thousand death stars in Su’s world of death, but his world was like a canvas, continuously unfolding, each time it expanded pulling out a new piece of cosmos space. Meanwhile, when the canvas curled up, the newly produced space would become completely silent, hundreds of new death stars appearing. However, no matter how he struggled, it was all still just a last effort whilst before death’s door.

However, just as Su’s spiritual world was approaching collapse, another spiritual body suddenly barged into the battlefield! When Su looked down, he immediately became stupefied, stunned by the exceptionally beautiful stellar streams that continuously produced scenes of destruction. It was unexpectedly that innocent young Light-Bringing knight, Machard!

Su was only a bit surprised, maintaining the full operation of the death stars that withstood the stellar streams’ collision the entire time. Meanwhile, when Machard recovered from his state of absent-mindedness, he immediately saw Su! He stared blankly, his face instantly turning pale, suddenly releasing a shriek!

The young man’s sharp cry originally shouldn’t have been all that loud, but when his cry sounded, it resounded through the two spiritual worlds, extending towards the most remote corner of the stellar stream! It was to the extent where countless celestial bodies disintegrated, destroyed! After releasing a scream with everything he had, Machard turned around to run, already fully captured by fear, not daring to face Su at all, even if it was just for a second longer. Following Machard’s sudden escape, the two worlds that were tangled together underwent a sudden change. The stellar streams that belonged to Serendela suddenly had a hole torn open, and the further Machard ran, the greater the opening was. Meanwhile, death stars were frantically charging towards this damaged portion of the stellar stream!

Serendela’s indignant roar sounded from within the spiritual world, but no matter how angry she was, she couldn’t stop Machard from running. The fear the young man felt towards Su was almost engraved in his genes, already far surpassing everything!

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