Book 6 Chapter 5.6

Book 6 Chapter 5.6 - Awakening

The cracks on the flesh sphere’s surface grew larger and larger. It was clear that there was something inside that was currently pounding again and again from within. At this time, the flesh sphere was flung out again by the great waves, but then another great wave smashed down viciously, sending it flying with a force of ten thousand tons!

This strike made many blood vessels on its surface crack, light-colored liquid shooting out in all directions, but it was cleansed in the blink of an eye by the stormy sea. The flesh sphere that was seriously injured trembled, as if it was still wailing. However, the attacks that came from within became more and more powerful, and following a tearing sound, the flesh sphere’s gap was torn into a hemisphere opening, and then a human arm unexpectedly reached out from within!

This arm brandished about a few times, and only then did it grab the splitting exterior of the flesh sphere. After exerting force and tearing it, the opening was widened to the limit, about to tear the flesh sphere into two! Then, the creature inside was completely freed.

This was an incomplete ‘person’. He had a head of light blonde hair that, because of the wind and rain, stuck tightly to a face that was so pretty it was almost perfect by human standards. His neck and shoulder were whole, but he only had a right arm, everything beneath his left shoulder and stomach only strands of body tissues that flew about in disorder, not completing their growth at all.

He forcefully tore off what was left of the flesh sphere around its body piece by piece, not hesitating even if doing so would damage the skin on his body. During this process, he was continuously tossed about within the wind and waves, quite a few of the body tissues that were still lacking swept away by the crazy stormy sea.

Only when he tore off the last piece of damaged skin did he slowly stop.

A shocking strike of thunder suddenly traveled past, momentarily lighting up the world between the sea and sky. When this radiance tore through the sky, this human who had broken out from the cocoon had already opened his eyes. Even in the instant where the flashing electrical radiance covered everything, one could see see that his left eye flickered with a green radiance. That was a light that belonged to the everlasting, as well as a deep, ice-cold radiance that didn’t belong to any living bodies. Meanwhile, his right eye was still terrifyingly vacant.

He immediately saw his surrounding environment, the right eye’s green radiance flickering about as he said softly, “I remember, I am… Su!”

Su, the moment he spat out this name, a faint golden symbol rose from the depths of his right eye. It disintegrated, every fluctuation, every strand of radiance containing tremendous amounts of information. As a result, all of his memories had already been restored, his sense of time fully returning.

From when he was crushed by Serendela’s radiance, his ruined body falling into the great sea, until this moment of reawakening, a total of three days had passed. 

The wind and rain grew greater and greater, the waves that rose and fell already passing several dozen meters. The clouds in the sky gradually crushed down, sticking close to the ocean surface. Several typhoons appeared above the dark sea, drawing forth a huge amount of seawater, bringing them several hundred meters into the sky, and then sending it several dozen kilometers out.

Perhaps because this world truly detested Su, a typhoon appeared perfectly at Su’s side, sweeping him up with unstoppable power, directly bringing him several hundred meters into the sky.

The sky and earth both spun about, ice-cold and endless sea water all around him. Aside from the wind and ocean’s roaring, he couldn’t hear any other sound. Under the intense battering, the ocean water was already as hard as steel. Su used his right arm to protect his damaged body’s weak broken end, allowing the wind and sea to toss him up and down.

Another two days passed.

The world also grew tired, the wind and rain finally calming a bit. The twisters that ravaged the great sea for over a thousand miles disappeared without a trace. The eye of the storm that covered a great distance also exhausted its energy, the wind force gradually declining. 

Even though angry waves still battered about above the ocean, great rain pouring down, the intensity of the wind couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as that of the previous day.

Su returned to the sea, rising and falling with the great waves. If it was an ordinary ability user, even if they didn’t die under the crazy winds and stormy seas for two days and two nights, they would still be at their last grasp due to a loss of body temperature. However, Su who was floating on the ocean surface was different from when he first broke out from the cocoon. His perfect appearance was cold like ice. No matter how great the wind and rain were, his right eye still remained open, watching the surrounding world. Meanwhile, his face carried an arrogance and disdain from start to end.

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