Book 6 Chapter 5.5

Book 6 Chapter 5.5 - Awakening

The new food was an enormous deep-dwelling clam species, but its powerful water spouting ability allowed it to move through the seafloor with the speed of a fish. Its elephant trunk-like mouthparts could suck out prey from the finest gaps in rocks. This was an extremely vicious carnivore, yet right now, it ran into the eyeball. Before it could even react, a bone prick shot through the water, firmly nailing itself into its mouthparts. The elephant trunk-like mouthparts that could rupture the ocean floor rock became as brittle as a sheet of facial tissue. In just a few seconds, it completely lost its ability to move under the toxins’ effects, allowing the strange creature the eyeball attached itself to to make its way into the half opened clamshell. When faced with this enormous clam that was several dozen times larger than itself, the eyeball used an entire hour to feast, and then used another two hours to complete its body’s structure alterations. 

This time, it became a long and thin type, both ends of its body having a row of small holes. When its body’s rear end’s small holes released a powerful water stream, it nimbly drew out an arc through the water, and then quickly shot up like an arrow!

It finally broke free from the barren deep seabed.

Even in the completely lifeless ocean floor with almost no organic matter, the eyeball had a way of growing, evolving, and freeing itself. This type of evolutionary path would form a completely different biological form, but right now, the eyeball didn’t know any other way. It could only choose a suitable, relatively fast plan based on the ocean floor environment.

The closer it got to the ocean surface, the greater the concentration of creatures, which meant the more replenishment it could obtain. Soon afterwards, sufficient nourishment allowed it to completely reconstruct a set of digestive system. This system had a special structure, able to tolerate close to a thousand degrees of temperature, so the food could be digested through a method similar to burning. When the energy utilization efficiency increased substantially, the amount of time needed to completely digest its food was shortened to a few minutes.

“Must learn thought.” When the two thought centers rushed from the ocean floor all the way to the ocean surface, it began to feel a powerful urge to greatly strengthen its ability to think.

However, this didn’t conform with the optimal survival sequence.

This clash made the eyeball feel a sense of confusion for the first time. Fortunately, the food source was sufficiently abundant, strengthening thought first wouldn’t delay the process of evolution too greatly, still within an acceptable range. Right when it decided to prioritize strengthening its thought ability based on the powerful urge, it suddenly felt the surrounding ocean’s stream current. An enormous whale swam over from below!

When it saw the enormous food that suddenly arrived, the eyeball knew that all of its problems were easily solved.

Half an hour later, the whale became leftover fragments, slowly sinking towards the ocean floor. This ocean overlord became the eyeball’s food in an instant. Its powerful and sharp teeth, before the eyeball’s speed and toxins, were completely useless.

In the place where the eyeball was originally located appeared a violently squirming flesh ball. The flesh ball’s surface was covered in blood vessels of varying sizes, as if a vertebrate’s heart was continuously pulsing. The evolution process this time was especially long, not complete even after three hours. Eventually, the flesh sphere began to continuously change its form, as if the things inside were currently undergoing transformation. This was an unprecedented sign, because the eyeball understood its evolutionary path extremely well, the evolutionary process each time direct and efficient, not wasting any time at all. However, this time was an exception.

Finally, the bottom of the flesh sphere ruptured, releasing a stream of water. While borrowing the strong reactive force, it rushed several dozen meters upwards, suddenly breaking the ocean surface. However, it didn’t stop here, flying more than ten meters before returning to the ocean surface.

It was currently night above the sea.

The thick clouds seemed to have reached the ocean surface, a great rain pouring downwards, crazy winds pushing ocean waves several dozen meters into the air before sending them ferociously back down! Under this vile weather, the great sea had already become a monster with endless power. Even a ten thousand ton large ship would be easily capsized. The flesh sphere rose and fell between the wave crests, from time to time sent several dozen meters down by the ocean waves, other times sent flying more than a hundred meters into the air. When the massive raindrops landed on the flesh sphere’s surface, pi pa sounds could be heard. However, this sound was completely drowned out under the thunderous ocean waves. 

The great sea was roaring, to the extent where it gave one the illusion that the entire world was furious!

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