Book 6 Chapter 5.3

Book 6 Chapter 5.3 - Awakening

The black-haired young lady walked towards Scorpion Nest’s underground secret core. The doors along the way, after losing access to power, could also be opened through mechanical means, only, it required ten tons of strength. This didn’t pose an issue at all towards Pandora. She easily pushed open the doors, and then closed them again. She had already done this several dozen times.

The secret core of Scorpion Nest was brightly lit, the sound of all types of instruments operating converged into a tremendous rumbling sound, the golden wall surfaces from time to time releasing fine electrical sparks. Pandora could feel the warmth of the walls, the electrical cables buried underneath the separation boards surging with electrical currents exceeding their limits until they gathered further down in the underground depths. That place was like a bottomless abyss, greedily devouring all of the energy. 

Pandora entered a ring-shaped...

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