Book 6 Chapter 5.2

Book 6 Chapter 5.2 - Awakening

Since not even first class commanders could do anything, Diaster was left helpless against this crazy little girl. While watching her various postures that were full of power as she fought against her enemies, the flame within Diaster’s heart shot straight up. He hoarsely cleared his throat, and then two concocted assistants walked over. They looked almost identical, with beautiful faces and captivating bodies, but their completely expressionless face and expressionless eyes shattered all perception of beauty. Diaster directly tore apart their clothes, staring rigidly at a freeze frame picture of the young lady jumping, grabbed one of the women, and then began to intensely and primitively move his body. 

However, after his waist only moved a few times, forget about the main act, even before the prologue was finished, the battle preparation room’s automatic doors opened. A handsome and tall concocted male officer walked in, not paying what was currently happening inside any attention as he spoke in a clear voice, “Great commander, her majesty Pandora has connected to the command room, requesting for you to immediately head over and accept orders!”

“What?” Diaster, who had just had his appetite interrupted was naturally furious.

The concocted man didn't understand what was fear, loudly repeating himself again. Diaster looked like he wanted to kill, but as her father, he understood Pandora’s bottom line well. After weighing things a bit, he began to walk with large steps towards the command room.

Inside the command room, Pandora’s holographic image was being projected. She looked at Diaster whose pants weren’t even fastened, her eyebrows lightly furrowing as she coldly said, “You should understand well why I connected to this place. I have no choice but to remind you that challenging my bottom line in a roundabout manner is the most foolish decision.”

“And? With the things you’ve done to your own mother, you obviously wouldn’t mind killing your father too.” Diaster said with a cold laugh.

“Let me remind you one more time. You are not completely fearless towards death, and right now, you do not wish to die yet.”

Pandora’s death threat finally made Diaster put away his flippant and insincere attitude. He angrily asked, “So what mission is it exactly?”

“I need energy! Within three days, all of the facilities’ energy supply needs need to be lowered to their minimum, all military factories topping production without exception. Hand over all energy, including the reserve power’s authority. Within the next ten days, you need to find a way to occupy power stations that can produce at least five million watts, or acquire comparable replacement energy sources.” Pandora’s voice was as cold as ice.

“You are saying that under the situation where, without any additional soldiers or tanks, just by relying on the present few thousand pieces of trash, less than five first class commanders, I am to find a way to occupy two or more power stations?! You might as well directly kill me!” Diaster stamped with fury.

“This is the highest level of command from the great apostle!” Pandora didn’t seem to yield in the slightest. “If you cannot complete this mission, then on the tenth day, you will be completely killed without exception.”

“But there is no way to complete this! You have to give me more commanders, as well as more powerful commanders, and not these pretty but useless fellas! They aren’t as useful as they look from the data at all! Can you believe that three first class commanders died in the hands of only a fifth level woman’s hands? Ah, she is now already sixth level, all due to the help of those commanders. They are nothing more than tools to give out evolutionary points!”

Diaster roared hysterically. Pandora only calmly watched him, her ice-cold eyes gradually making him calm down. Only now did he sense a bone-chilling coldness.

“Why is there suddenly a need for so much energy?” Diaster suddenly asked, “Could it be that… it’s going to awaken?!”

Pandora didn’t reply, only quietly looking at Diaster. However, he already understood.

Pandora’s figure gradually disappeared, leaving Diaster alone in the command room, leaving him to deal with his shock and distress alone. She had her own problems to deal with.

Scorpion Nest was a grand and modernized industrial city. Several dozen factories of different sizes formed the jigsaw puzzle of this city. It was situated at the edge of the great lakes, more than ten meter thick water-absorbing pipelines reached deeply into the lake, crazily and continuously absorbing the lakewater. The water in the lake was blue, so pure it was like an enormous sapphire. However, when one approached the lakeshore, the powerful radiation would remind those who weren't careful that this was a region of death.

Several thick smoke pipes that were several dozen meters thick stood vertically, their appearances extremely striking. They released white-colored steam, the turbine below relying on tremendous electrical energy. Scorpion Nest was almost completely automated, with all types of raw materials having specialized passages and exits. Meanwhile, concocted humans only needed to walk out from the examination room and into the equipment room, and then all of their equipment would already be placed in the designated location. After dressing themselves properly, they would then enter the weapon area to undergo system testing. Only, in the Scorpions of Disasters’ definition, concocted people and their equipment were an integral whole, a complete combat system. This was an incomparably large war machine, they still haven’t displayed its full potential in the past battles yet. 

However, today, after the last concocted human third class commander finished its examination, all of the weapon area installations closed one after another, with even the lighting going out, only the passages’ emergency lighting remaining. Meanwhile, in the past few days, all types of weapon production work had already stopped, to the extent where even the production of steel and all types of metal smelting factories also stopped their operations. Once their blast furnaces and electric stoves stopped, the losses would definitely be enormous.

Soon after, aside from the power plant, all factories shut down.

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