Book 6 Chapter 5.1

Book 6 Chapter 5.1 - Awakening

Following the pulse that concealed all, the world’s pulse also quietly accelerated. Only the few talents at the very top of the pyramid could sense these changes. However, no one could foresee what the changes would bring. All existences could only move based on their own judgement.

As one of the largest powers of the northern continent, the commander-in-chief of the Scorpions of Disaster was still nominally Diaster. Ignoring the flaws in his character, Diaster’s accomplishments on the battlefield were indeed remarkable. His experience as a high level ability user before made him especially careful when using tactics that involved ordinary people or even low level ability users to surround and kill high level ability users. When the war with the Black Dragonriders first began, he relied on ingenious tactics to heavily injure the Black Dragonriders again and again. After experiencing several defeats, the Black Dragonriders immediately made adjustments, investing more and more practical combat strength and powerful dragonriders, using their quality superiority to resist the Scorpions of Disasters’ swarming tactics, gradually reversing the battlefield situation.

Even today, Diaster still remembered the name Su. Not only did he inflict heavy losses to the Scorpions of Disaster by relying on his own power, the subordinates and soldiers under him weren’t easy to deal with either. Diaster had crushed Su’s army several times, but these were all obtained at the cost of several times the casualties and disastrous losses, to the extent where they couldn’t even be called miserable victories. Meanwhile, that Su, in the Black Dragonriders, was only at most a mid-ranked officer! Diaster understood well that if the Black Dragonriders moved at full force, they could easily charge their way into the Scorpion Nest. The reason why they didn’t do so might be to train individuals, doing this for the sake of producing more ability users through war. In the age of turmoil, territory already lost meaning, ability users were the true and only tactical resource, not oil, not nuclear energy, nor food. 

Fortunately, civil strife suddenly erupted in the Blood Parliament, the scale moreover becoming greater and greater, the situation already going out of control. Diaster had previously tried to profit from others’ misfortune, wishing to launch offensives on the parliament’s territory, but he immediately discovered that the enemies he faced had already changed, no longer the Black Dragonriders’ mercenary-like mobs who lacked a unified commander, but rather a well equipped, logistics adequate, unified army! What dealt the fatal blow was that this army didn’t lack the high level ability users who were previously rarely seen! Soon after, Diaster learned that the one he was facing was the Arthur Family’s army, as well as one of the Blood Parliament’s three great influential families.

After just a few battles, Diaster realized that he was kicking at a metal plate. The other party’s defensive line was weak and long with weak points everywhere. However, even if he assembled a thousand man great army to attack, moreover allocating enough commanders, he often wouldn’t even be able to take over a stronghold defended by a few high level ability users and few dozen soldiers. Moreover, just a few days ago, a male and female pair, just by relying on their own strength, wiped out an entire army, the male already confirmed to be the Arthur Family’s direct inheritor, the current clan leader’s son, O’Brien. As for the other, even more terrifying woman, her origins were unknown. However, regardless of what her origins were, Diaster knew that if he only had the power he currently had, there was no way of shaking up the Blood Parliament’s defensive line. One more or one less didn’t make much of a difference. The lack of high level ability users was always Diaster’s fatal weakness, and it was a weakness that could not be made up for. Even if it was the Scorpions of Disaster, a commander was not something that could be mass-produced. As for how many they could obtain, that was something that would depend completely on luck.

Diaster continuously smoked, the spacious command room already full of smoke, the ground covered in cigarette butts. Smoking over a hundred cigarettes in a single session, for Diaster who had a few levels of power left, wouldn’t bring too much harm. In fact, he actually longed for sufficient harm so that he would do some things that overstepped his bounds, for example, raping his own daughter. However, Diaster knew that when Pandora appeared before him with her black-haired young lady appearance, this notion of his would forever be froth and shadows. Even if Pandora didn’t resist at all, only laying there with her legs together, her ten levels of defensive power could automatically defend against all intruders, this fact true even if Diaster recovered his eight levels of ability.

With Pandora and the apostle, in theory, the Scorpions of Disaster didn't lack high-end power, but they never appeared on the battlefield against the Black Dragonriders. The Black Dragonriders could still be said to be nurturing new ability users, so what about the Scorpions of Disaster? Concocted individuals didn’t have the chance of increasing strength at all!

“Could it be that they fear the Blood Parliament?” This wasn’t the first time Diaster thought from this type of malicious angle, but was unaware that he had already gotten close to the truth a few times.

On the large map in front of Diaster, the battle situation was tangled and complicated, the red numbers that represented casualties jumping from time to time. The eastern battlefront's deadlocked situation was understandable, what Diaster had to worry about was a complete defeat in this direction. However, not making much progress in the western battle situation was inexcusable, because there weren’t many high level ability users there, the known data showing that there were only a few sixth level ability users in that large region, including that woman who continually attacked the Scorpions of Disaster’s troops. It hadn’t been long since she reached five levels of ability, yet in the recent battle, six levels of ability were detected.

The microchip embedded deeply in Diaster’s brain released a remote command based on Diaster’s thoughts. As a result, the map began to continuously display the images of the battlefield. That was a sturdy, nimble, leopard-like girl, her flying short maroon hair like a burning flame. Even in the crazy slaughter, she still displayed an ice-cold beauty, only, an inextinguishable wild flame flickered within her pupils. What was even more eye-catching was the disturbingly long sharp blade in her hands. Regardless of whether it was human bodies, firearms, or tanks, they would all be slashed in half by this vicious weapon! Aside from that long blade, there was nothing else in this girl’s hands. However, with just this long blade alone, she had already wiped out sixteen Scorpions of Disaster troops! The number of those who died under her hands not few, aside from the seven hundred concocted soldiers, there were even three first class commanders!

The battle intelligence clearly stated that when she killed the first commander, she only had five levels of ability. Someone with only five levels killed a seventh level, first class commander with several dozen soldiers protecting her? If he heard this kind of thing before, Diaster would only treat it like a type of joke. However, this joke truly happened. That was why when she reached six levels, fighting with her life on the line, hacking apart a first class commander together with his vehicle, Diaster was already no longer shocked.

After cutting through endless things, the long blade was still just as sharp as before.

When the several hundred battlefield images were quickly played, they started from the beginning again. Diaster’s brain was already full of that fiery girl’s various images. That girl’s body possessed an indescribably great power. As he watched her advance courageously towards enemies who occupied absolute advantages, and then kill the enemy while hanging on the border between life and death, Diaster would often feel a mysterious impulse.

She should have died a long time ago, yet she was still alive.

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