Book 6 Chapter 5.1

Book 6 Chapter 5.1 - Awakening

Following the pulse that concealed all, the world’s pulse also quietly accelerated. Only the few talents at the very top of the pyramid could sense these changes. However, no one could foresee what the changes would bring. All existences could only move based on their own judgement.

As one of the largest powers of the northern continent, the commander-in-chief of the Scorpions of Disaster was still nominally Diaster. Ignoring the flaws in his character, Diaster’s accomplishments on the battlefield were indeed remarkable. His experience as a high level ability user before made him especially careful when using tactics that involved ordinary people or even low level ability users to surround and kill high level ability users. When the war with the Black Dragonriders first began, he relied on ingenious...

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