Book 6 Final Chapter

Book 6 Final Chapter - Dream

When an expanse of incomparably vast and profound space appeared before Su, he knew that he had indeed arrived in the Lord’s country. Moreover, this was a country filled with life, one that was still growing.

The skies were dark red in color, from time to time, beautiful ribbons of light fluttered across the sky. Islands floated above, while what Su was standing on, was a giant piece of land comparable to a continent in size, unable to see its limits even with his perception. There were forests, mountain ranges, rivers, and wetlands. The wind carried a fresh and clean feeling, all types of beautiful and strange creatures lived in their own territories, these creatures forming a complex, wonderful, and balanced life system. Moreover, every single floating island had its own system, the ecosystems on them entirely different.

In front of Su towered a lofty palace. Even though the hundred meters tall palace and the similarly tall snow-white pillars were quite far, they were still grand and majestic.

This was a palace that carried strong human characteristics, as if it was arranged specifically for Su’s visit. Its existence truly made one doubt whether the human race truly was the heart of the universe, just that they still hadn’t developed yet. Otherwise,why would a human palace be built at the very center, in the country of the Lord whose individual power could overwhelm all ultra life forms? This most likely meant that the lord was closely related to the human race, to the extent where he might very well be human.

In the olden era, this was an inconceivable thing. However, in the new era where ability users ran amuck, this wasn’t something completely beyond reach. Ability theorists had previously speculated that once one person obtained mastery over abilities from levels one to twelve in all five domains, a new ability would be formed: World Customization. To put it in a nutshell, whatever one willed, it would appear, even if it was a complete world! Through this, the ability theorists came to the conjecture that the Lord truly existed, the first, as well as the only one who had complete abilities in all five domains. However, this conjecture could only remain on a theoretical level, because when this hypothesis was brought up, they were still in an age where even sixth level ability users were extremely rare.

Meanwhile, there were ability theorists who went even a step further. When an ability user had an endless amount of evolutionary points, yet no longer developed any abilities, what would happen then? However, not even the craziest theorists could come up with an answer to this.

Su always believed himself to be a human, but now, he actually knew why a palace would appear in the Lord’s country. This was the perfect palace in Su’s view, with Su’s arrival, what was within Su’s heart was revealed, moreover appearing before him. If Su was another incomparably powerful creature, what he saw would be an entirely different scene.

This wasn’t an illusion, but rather a hundred percent reality. This was a country that could alter reality! This already couldn’t be described with the world miracle,...

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