Book 6 Chapter 41.7

Book 6 Chapter 41.7 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

By the western shore, the clouds of radiation were extremely low, pressuring Valhalla until it almost touched the ground. The starship’s long and slender ship body was still graceful and mysterious, but the swirling radiance appeared a bit sluggish. Meanwhile, inside the starship, the atmosphere was even more so heavy like the night before a storm. The three apostles stood silently, not talking to each other, nor did they move at all. They only waited, waiting for the revived seventh apostle and the apostles’ Sword to arrive. This was a first, the apostles knew the feeling of despair. No, thinking back, a similar feeling had appeared long before. While lingering on the boundary between destruction and survival, the three apostles all instinctively recovered a portion of their lost memories, and all of them recalled what the first feeling of despair was.

That was the day before they decided to betray the Lord.

“Perhaps we can try to forcefully break through the imprisonment…” Rochester suddenly said. However, he immediately shook his head, rejecting this unrealistic idea. Inside the prison, the will of the world was already deeply intertwined with their own instincts, so forcefully breaking out from the...

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