Book 6 Chapter 41.6

Book 6 Chapter 41.6 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

Meanwhile, on the peak of a tall mountain, Su’s consciousness gradually awakened from the darkness. The very first streak of light he saw originated from a Bisindle divine language symbol that continuously revolved in the void. This was the voice of origin, carrying awakening, enlightenment, and guidance meanings. Su could feel its warmth and power, even more so hearing the countless cries from within the divine language, and as such, he involuntarily drited towards the voice of origin. The instant he approached, the voice of origin suddenly released an indescribably powerful light, illuminating every corner of the cosmos! When the light receded, every streak of light it released condensed into various Bisindle divine characters of varying sizes. As hundreds of millions of years passed, countless species, civilizations, even the wisdom and the experiences of countless creatures...

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