Book 6 Chapter 41.5

Book 6 Chapter 41.5 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

It was unknown when Snow awakened. She looked at her surroundings blankly and only then did she realize that a lot of time had somehow passed, the sky was already dark. Madeline and Su were no longer in the cave, only the cracks covering the cavern walls and ground telling of their existence. When she thought of Madeline and her paternal body, Snow immediately became vigilant, immediately casting her muddled thoughts aside. At this time, a new piece of information appeared from the depths of her consciousness, which was the second mission Helen left for her, as well as her final mission.

Snow flew over, her jointed limbs drawing out a string of sparks on the cavern walls. She rushed out from the cave like an arrow, disappearing into the boundless night.

In the east, the former Dragon City long vanished from existence, to the extent where no buildings over three meters tall could be seen. The entire city melted under extreme temperature, the powerful blast...

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