Book 6 Chapter 41.4

Book 6 Chapter 41.4 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

“... Okay.” At this time, Snow revealed a bit of hesitation for some reason.

However, immediately afterwards, she curled up into a ball, releasing all of her reservations, laying before Madeline just like that. Then, the young lady discovered with shock that the consciousness that belonged to Snow herself unexpectedly entered a half dormant state. This meant that Snow already completely dropped all of her defenses and vigilance, just a light wave of her sword able to cut her in half. No ultra life form would do this before another unfamiliar ultra life form, yet Snow did this. This could only mean that she felt complete trust in her mother.

In Madeline’s memories, the scenes belonging to Helen were extremely few, but this was indeed a woman who left her with a deep impression. From the moment she saw Helen, the young lady developed an extremely uncomfortable feeling. Her sharp intuition told Madeline that Helen carried a...

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