Book 6 Chapter 41.3

Book 6 Chapter 41.3 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

The sky gradually brightened, the winding cave depths also releasing a wisp of light. The young lady was no longer crying, her face pressed tightly against Su’s ice-cold cheeks, eyes instead looking at the cavern walls. She seemed extremely calm, her gemstone-like pupils still like a great sea. Her seemingly weak body was currently surging with abundant energy. Energy was already no longer being poured into Su’s body, at this moment, she finally gave up all hope, and that was why she became calm.

The young lady sat there, leaning against the mountain wall, her left arm hugging Su’s body, silvery-gray long hair hanging down, covering Su’s head and his face, as if shielding him from the cold. Meanwhile, her right hand was placed on the ground at her side, her small hand clenched into a fist, clenched so tight it was shaking slightly. The rock below her fist also trembled, moreover becoming increasingly intense....

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