Book 6 Chapter 41.2

Book 6 Chapter 41.2 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

Even though Serendela dared to vow she saw Su die with her own eyes, while Rochester and Fitzdurk couldn’t find any reason to refute this either, the apostles were still uneasy. The Destroyer was just too mysterious. In the apostles’ long life, this was the first time they encountered the Destroyer. Regardless of whether it was Rochester or Serendela who was fully concentrated on searching for Madeline, right now, they were both silently convincing themselves, repeatedly emphasizing that Madeline’s full powered strike might be something only the Lord could receive and not die from, the Creator or Destroyer unable to survive under this heavy sword that could erase space. Indeed, the apostles were practically undying, but the sixth and seventh apostle were truly undying, they would always find some way to be reborn. However, this type of rebirth would take hundreds of thousands to even tens of millions of years, the location of rebirth also unknown as to which...

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