Book 6 Chapter 41.1

Book 6 Chapter 41.1 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

It was now nighttime.

Apart from the crazy winds roaring about, the northern continent was deathly still. After the first nuclear winter, the human race that survived and continuously strengthened was still almost completely wiped out by the apostles’ purge. It wasn’t only the human race, large scale creatures no exception. If one surveyed all directions, the mountains and bodies of water, all carried a deathly aura that was different from the past. Under the thorough purging, even the ruins which were everywhere in the nuclear winter, were nowhere to be found. There was only a vast desolate stillness wherever one looked.

Within the boundless darkness, a young lady’s figure was currently frantically running. She was far faster than the limits of what humans could reach, a single jump crossing more than ten meters....

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