Book 6 Chapter 40.16

Book 6 Chapter 40.16 - Mutual Love

“I never expected you to be the seventh apostle, the Destroyer either. Did you come to destroy us?” Madeline’s ice-cold and indifferent voice sounded. Her beautiful small face carried an undisguised expression of loss.

“That seems to be my fate.” Su replied. He could already feel the urge within his instincts, just like the urge to take a nap after a meal, the most basic type of instinct. He could only delay it, and could not suppress it.

Madeline nodded, not saying anything else.

Su frowned, and then said, “Madeline, leave Valhalla and come to my side. You don’t need to accept the apostles’ fate, they have nothing to do with you.

The young lady shook her head with a somewhat blank expression, softly saying, “No, that’s not true. We’ve experienced endless time together, and also faced countless battles. The life in this world… is only like a dream. I cannot abandon my past companions.”

“They aren’t some good people, moreover, they do not belong to this world. We are different from them.” Su was still trying to persuade her.

The young lady sighed and said, “That is because of the will of the world and this body’s influence. If you do not feel any good impressions towards them, then that truly is an embodiment of the will of this world.”

Su remained silent for a moment,...

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