Book 6 Chapter 40.15

Book 6 Chapter 40.15 - Mutual Love

The flame stream already controlled this entire region, the private hospital long enveloped in raging flames. Under the extreme temperature, everything that was and wasn’t flammable all went up in flames. Under the darkness of night, one could see a raging pillar of flames surging high into the skies in Dragon City. The stream of heat still continuously spread, covering the half of Dragon City it passed in flames. Dragon City’s surviving humans were first in shock, and then they ran in horror, trying to prevent themselves from being caught in this terrifying heat stream that was comparable to a nuclear warhead’s explosion. The speed at which the heat stream swept past was far greater than running speed, the humans that were within its range of cover, aside from the few most powerful ones, were not able to survive. Fortunately, when the flame covered half of Dragon City, it suddenly stopped, not continuing, or else all of Dragon City would have went up in flames....

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