Book 6 Chapter 40.14

Book 6 Chapter 40.14 - Mutual Love

Who was the Lord?

Snow really wanted to know, yet she was scared of the answer. She instinctively wanted to avoid that limitless darkness, yet couldn’t suppress her innermost curiosity either. She knew that this curiosity was extremely abnormal, as if that darkness possessed some intangible attraction force that wanted to forcefully pull her in. Moreover, when she truly stood before the darkness, she felt a bit of a suffocating feeling, an instinctive fear one felt towards a giant space that exceeded the limits of one’s imagination.

“Mama?” Snow cried out softly. She felt extremely cold, urgently needing warmth, and as such, she forcefully leaned towards Helen’s body. However, Helen’s body wasn’t as warm as before, instead extremely cold, difficult for even Snow who could easily resist temperatures reaching negative 200 degrees to withstand.


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