Book 6 Chapter 40.13

Book 6 Chapter 40.13 - Mutual Love

Snow who was laying in front of Helen’s knees raised her head, asking, “The Lord? He seems to be a bit more important than the Creator and Destroyer, right? At least they are only present dangers.”

Helen shook her head, not replying, instead entering a state of thought. Snow tactfully closed her mouth to avoid disturbing her thinking. She knew her mother’s strengths, things that could make her think for a long time were definitely extremely difficult to deal with. Things that took the human race supercomputing centers ten days to half a month of time were but a few seconds of work for her mother. However, waiting in the darkness was extremely boring, and it also made her feel a mysterious fear.

The darkness originally wasn’t a hindrance for Snow, visible light was an extremely primitive perception method. Darkness even more so shouldn’t be the source of fear, because its effects on her prey were much greater. In the darkness, Snow was a natural king. However, during this period, Helen told Snow many many old stories, so Snow felt like she had only experienced a dream, a long dream, so long that even she herself couldn’t differentiate just how many years it spanned. Was it hundreds of thousands of years, or was it millions?...

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