Book 6 Chapter 40.11

Book 6 Chapter 40.11 - Mutual Love

Su stood on the crystallized ground, two days and two nights passing just like that. His past flowed through his heart like water, every single person, every single event, every freeze frame of the events of his past, appeared right before his eyes. It was to the extent where even the memories of when he was only an aggregate of a few cells were restored. At that time, he moved around, seizing the food in his surroundings, including all types of other cells, bacteria, and even viruses. He grew slowly, carefully controlling his growth speed, moreover carefully choosing between many abilities that were ready to awaken. Then, due to fear towards danger, he sealed most of the abilities. This was definitely not a cellular level intelligence, to the extent where it far exceeded the human race’s level of intelligence; this wasn’t something that was impossible at all. At the center of the cells hid a Bisindle divine language symbol, its use precisely the analysis of the surrounding environment and supplying the most optimal evolutionary direction. Just like the other symbols, this Bisindle divine language character also possessed a structure that could be endlessly divided, as well as a sea of information, moreover the ability to select and choose for...

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