Book 6 Chapter 40.10

Book 6 Chapter 40.10 - Mutual Love

Pa! Su stepped heavily on the mechanical remains, completely crushing it flat.

He took a deep breath, feeling as if what he breathed in were scorching flames. The great earth that had just crystallized was still releasing astonishing heat, the Stupas’ corpses already starting to burn. The Stupas could endure high temperatures reaching tens of thousands of degrees in temperature, and if one wanted to ignite their bodies, it would take at least a hundred thousand degrees. However, the energy drawn from space was just this great, able to instantly approach several hundreds of thousands of degrees, and that was why even the Stupas’ bodies began to burn. The flames spread far into the distance, everything within a kilometer around the corpses exceeding a thousand degrees. This was a temperature that was high enough to melt steel, yet it will continue to burn for close...

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