Book 6 Chapter 4.7

Book 6 Chapter 4.7 - Consciousness

However, there was a scene that repeatedly appeared several times in Haydn’s memoires, moreover extremely clearly. It was a deep sea, the ocean ice-cold and full of undercurrents. At this depth, no light was able to reach here through the ocean surface, but it wasn’t completely dark. A dark green radiation glow shone from time to time, illuminating an ocean region. By borrowing this light, he could see that the ocean floor wasn’t overgrown and abandoned, the vast ocean floor actually having all types of creatures. Many of them were also shining. If one’s line of sight traveled far enough, they would see specks of stellar light swimming about like a starry sky. 

At the ocean floor was a fish with a strange appearance swimming about. Its head was exceptionally large, almost occupying half its body. Its large mouth was covered in sharp teeth, and if it was completely opened, it could swallow food about the size of its own body. At the center of its forehead was a piece of tissue that flickered about, guiding prey near its mouth. This deep sea creature was extremely unusual. It didn’t look much different from an olden era deep sea fish, but when its body’s scales opened, several dozen or so centimeter length flesh feelers reached out. Several dozen flesh feelers reached out in total, continuously moving about without any rhythm, making its swimming movements become difficult and challenging.

These flesh feelers were extremely unnatural, but in the age of turmoil, under the influence of powerful radiation, there were mutated creatures of all oddities, so a fish like this was already quite common. However, it was just an ordinary fish without any special functions, nor did it have any special organs, the flesh feelers even more so like something that grew beyond the body’s control. Haydn truly didn’t understand why this fish left him with such a deep impression, moreover appearing several times.

In the entire Blood Parliament, only Haydn had the ability Future Sight. This was an ability that could clearly extend into eleven levels, and even had a chance of developing into twelve levels; it would depend on the restrictions of Haydn’s innate talent. From Haydn’s understanding of this ability, all scenes that repeatedly appeared in the imaginary future had a high chance of appearing in the real world. The people or things that were touched upon possessed important significance 

When he displayed the ability just now, Haydn almost completely lost himself in the imaginary future, only breaking free after paying a great price. This meant that everything he saw had an even higher chance of being close to the truth. Meanwhile, when scenes that were this clear appeared, moreover repeated, it meant that it would have vital effects on the entire world’s future, or at the very least in theory. 

However, theory was theory, while reality was reality, just like how no matter how Haydn thought about it, he just couldn’t see how a deep sea fish who couldn’t be any more normal would influence the entire world so greatly. It was impossible even if it became a thousand times bigger.

He thus deliberately avoided this scene, starting to focus his attention on clues in other areas.

However, what Haydn didn’t know was that right now, in the distant ocean floor, there was precisely a fish like this. It was currently swimming back and forth in a vexed and uneasy manner, its appearance exactly the same as the one in Haydn’s memories.

Its swimming posture was extremely unnatural, the feelers that reached out from beneath its scales greatly affecting its mobility. However, in the dark world, the fluorescence its forehead released possessed powerful attractive force. That was why a stream of similarly strange little fish boldly swam over, bit down onto it, and then was devoured by it.

At this moment, a squirming could clearly be seen at the side of its belly, its entire body convulsing. It suddenly opened its large mouth, throwing up everything in its stomach. When it vomited until it couldn’t anymore, it twitched a few times, and then calmly floated in the ice-cold ocean waters, never moving again.

Of the things it spat out, apart from the small fish that had been chewed into several pieces, there was also a small green object that slowly sank to the ocean bottom. It was entirely round, occasionally flickering with a faint dark green splendor. In this dark sea, any source of light was extremely eye-grabbing, and it was still releasing a type of fluctuation that seemed to be calling something. Soon after, there was a fish that quickly swam over, swallowing it in one gulp.

Several minutes afterwards, this fish suddenly charged and bashed about randomly, as it it had gone mad, biting down on everything alive regardless of what it was. Even the great fish that were originally its natural predators, under its mad biting and pursuit fled in panic. After going crazy for an entire hour like this, it finally became tired, thus no longer moving, slowly sinking to the ocean floor. After stopping for who knew how long at the ocean floor, only then did the scales covering its body open up one after another, a flesh feeler reaching out from every single scale, subconsciously moving about.

It began to move about again, resuming its eating process. However, the flesh feelers that were still continuously growing hindered its mobility, and only after a long time had passed did it capture its first prey. However, not long after eating, it began to crazily bash about in the sea, moreover continuously spitting out everything from its stomach. Just like its predecessor, it quickly died in the ice-cold ocean waters. Meanwhile, that green sphere once again floated about in the ocean waters. 

The green sphere slowly sank to the ocean floor. A mutated ocean creature with a hard outer shell that resembled both prawn and crab slowly crawled over. Perhaps due to the composition being different, the green sphere’s attractive force towards it was much weaker. It brandished its enormous claws, touching the bead slightly, making it roll a bit, revealing the other side. This time, the mutated giant crab saw a rare bit of redness. This red color possessed fatal attractiveness, and as a result, it overcame its faint uneasiness, closing in on this green sphere, carefully looking at it. At the very depths of the green pearl, it saw some things it didn’t understand completely.

If there was someone at this deep sea ocean flow, they would discover with shock that the green pearl was an eyeball! There were still some fine blood wisps dragged behind it. The pupil had already dilated, in its very depths a bit of scarlet color. If it was enlarged, one would see a large expanse of red color that was currently flowing and extending like blood. At the very center of the blood-color was a sleeping young lady, her long gray hair rising and falling within free flowing blood, yet not a single drop was able to stick to her skin or hair.

The blood color suddenly swept out in reverse! Layers of blood waves rolled over and over, continuously rushing towards the young lady’s body, dragging her body towards the limits of the darkness.

“No… no!” There seemed to be an angry roar that sounded. However, when one listened closely, they would only hear the rushing ocean current.

The mutated giant crab suddenly jumped as it it was losing its mind, continuously brandishing its giant claws at the sphere. However, its giant claws that could crush the shells of giant clams couldn’t do anything to this sphere. A flesh wisp that dragged behind the green eyeball had unknowingly when became exceptionally long, one end piercing into the giant crab’s exoskeleton through a gap. As if the eyeball still had life, the pupil suddenly began to slowly contract!

The seawater became turbid. The mutated giant grab crazily struggled, randomly bashing and smashing about, the giant claws smashing into everything it came into contact with, not even realizing anything when one of them was smashed apart on a piece of shoal rock.

On the continent, it was currently very late at night.

The priest hadn’t slept yet. He sat in front of the table, casually flipping through ‘Revelation’. This was a task he would always do before sleeping each night. Borrowing the dusky lighting, the priest selected a passage, and then read quietly:

“The lord is the beginning, the lord is the end. What the lord’s left eye sees will promptly receive salvation; those seen by the right eye, will face disaster.”

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