Book 6 Chapter 4.6

Book 6 Chapter 4.6 - Consciousness

Future Sight, a tenth level ability of the Mysterious Fields, together with ten levels of magic, could, under the premise of restricted conditions, foresee a future result to a limited extent. This was also Haydn’s ultimate ability. This wasn’t an autonomous deduction through known data, but rather through the Mysterious Fields’ powerful ability to communicate with the world, to fetch a result from the boundless future. From a certain perspective, one could treat it as turning the entire world into an incomparably massive operation center, and using it to calculate results under certain premises.

The potential futures this ability foresaw might be different every time, and the difference might also be great, but the real future might very well be hidden within the scenes of foresight. Meanwhile, its significance in battle, was that once Haydn knew about the opponent’s abilities in detail, he could find the ultimate method of dealing with his enemy through foresight again and again. It could be said that if any opponent allowed Haydn to escape from them, then after a period of time, they would face a completely new, nightmarish enemy.

Because of Future Sight, Haydn grew more powerful with each passing day, yet he still couldn’t obtain Bevulas’ approval. Only once, Bevulas gave this line of comment: You have a pair of wings, yet only know how to use it to fan yourself.

Haydn was rather unwilling to use Future Sight, because ten levels of Mysterious Fields couldn’t display its full power at all, and as such, it possessed great risks. Each time he immersed himself in those unknown scenes, Haydn always faced the danger of completely losing himself. There was a chance that he might forget his original identity, and forever live in the non-existent imaginary future. Even though only a few minutes passed in the real world, it was likely that the imaginary future might have already experienced several months of time. After experiencing the trials of multiple Future Sights, even though Haydn’s age was still quite young, his willpower was exceptionally firm. Without this, there was no way of freeing himself from the imaginary world’s confusion and binding.

Meanwhile, this was the most dangerous instance since Haydn’s birth. He was this close from completely losing himself in that imaginary future. Meanwhile, he didn’t fully know what kind of scenes he experienced in that dream world, upon waking, unexpectedly forgetting a large half of its contents. Haydn truly never expected that these seemingly simple conditions would make him fall into unprecedented danger. If he couldn't successfully jump out from the imaginary future on his own, then Haydn’s brain would completely die, turning into a human vegetable who could only act on instinct.

“That is why, Haydn, no matter how great of accomplishments we achieve, what kind of abilities we obtain, we always need to remember that we are human. We belong to this celestial body, to this world. Our abilities can affect our race’s rise and fall, so we should also take responsibility for this. Do not lose sight of yourself because of power.” After saying this, Bevulas picked up a new set of documents, flipping through them while saying, “As for that mad dog Martin, just let him be. No matter how great his ambitions are, it is only enough to wag his tail. Don’t waste time on something like him.”

The railway carriage became quiet. Only the sounds of Haydn’s uncontrollable heavy breathing continuously sounded.

After continuously drinking several cups of nutrient replenishing paste, Haydn was still weak. His consumption was just too great, regardless what what type of top level nutrient paste it was, he had to eat more than a hundred kilograms before he could completely replace the exhausted energy. This was also a worry that increased by the day. Once one’s abilities reached ten levels or even higher, replenishing the body’s nutrients and energy became an extremely troublesome task. The time he used to eat grew longer and longer, eating changing from an enjoyable task to work. Haydn already felt on more than one occasion that the efficiency of the human body’s process of consumption and digestion was too low, and too inefficient. In the laboratory, the technology of embedded energy crystals was already partly mature, allowing for the use of high energy crystals replacements to replenish one’s energy, thus replacing eating. However, whenever this thought emerged in his head, Haydn would always forcibly suppress it. It was because Bevulas had previously said that the human body was a gift bestowed several hundreds of thousands of years ago by this world, so they should do everything they could to preserve its original state.

In reality, the few people who were familiar with history would find that that the chairman’s viewpoint and Gusglav who originally divided the Black Dragonriders shared many similarities. Meanwhile, the Blood Parliament advocated the concept of ability users being on top. Only by having abilities could one change everything, only more and stronger abilities could help the human race conquer the extremely vile environment, survive and reproduce in this era of turmoil. Only holy level abilities could allow humans to break through the restrictions of this world, revive the olden era dream of travelling through the stars. The cornerstone of everything was abilities. There was no most powerful ability, there were only those that were stronger.

Haydn’s true age was still young after all, so he was powerless in differentiating the truths of various philosophies, let alone creating his own value system on top of this. However, he listened to Bevulas, and in any decision that affected significant matters, he would always comply with Bevulas’ suggestion. Haydn felt an emotion close to worship towards Bevulas.

After drinking the tenth cup of nutrient paste, only then did Haydn feel the scorching hunger slightly subside. Only now did his raging headache calm a bit, and as such, he began to recall the scenes he had just experienced. His memory was fragmented and in disarray, all of the scenes mixed up and chaotic. Only a few disordered details could be pieced together, and the most important part, which was when Haydn became god until the entire world became completely quiet, was completely blank. Anger, bewilderment, pain, grief, loneliness, sorrow, and all types of extremely powerful emotions linked up a large part of his memories, yet they completely vanished in his memories’ blank region. When Haydn thought about that world lacking in life, heat, activity, everything deadly still, he felt as if he was suffocating again. In that world, time had already lost its meaning, his thoughts fluctuated between fast and slow. Countless thoughts could appear in an instant, yet he could also go several tens to over a hundred years without moving. Moreover, his thoughts seemed to be influenced by the world, gradually slowed down. Haydn understood clearly that if it wasn’t for him occasionally becoming clear-headed, sensing that something was wrong, not hesitating to break out through the price of serious injuries, he would have definitely assimilated with that world, becoming a part of that eternal loneliness.

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