Book 6 Chapter 4.4

Book 6 Chapter 4.4 - Consciousness

“Then, what does the super-chosen and apostle experimental subject number three you have spoken about refer to?” Haydn asked.

“In the first phase of the Garden of Eden Project, Dr. Connor produced three bodies with high degrees of completion, preparing to make them the mediums for the future super-chosen project, the chosen with the first three numbers in the inner division. Meanwhile, I used the remaining materials to successfully activate the third experimental body, and as a result, the ‘Garden of Eden’ Project thus entered the third phase: Apostle. This is the apostle experimental subject number three I was talking about just now.” The assistant said. 

“Nonsense!” Connor in the air seemed to have gone crazy as he roared, “The amount of energy the three super-chosen need is too great, impossible to activate! You liar, traitor, scoundrel!”

The assistant raised his hand, looked at Dr. Connor whose face was distorted from extreme anger, and then said indifferently, “Those three mediums in your hands are only super-chosen, but in my hands, are apostles! It is because I’ve already broken through the second layer of the gene lock!”

The assistant’s voice struck down like thunder, exploding by Dr. Connor’s ears! He muttered, “That’s impossible, how could you unravel the second layer of the gene lock? You were actually hiding it from me this entire time, hiding it from me…”

Connor didn’t roar out again, voice weak as if he was muttering to himself. He forcefully struck at the formless screen before him, but the pounding force was only sent back with many times more force. His hands immediately became red and swollen, rupturing, blood flowing out from the injuries, mixing together with the chosen’s bloody paste, impossible to distinguish one from the other.

It was impossible for Connor to break through the Void Prison, unless he had eight levels or higher ability. He also knew that his cursing and criticizing wouldn’t bring about any results. 

After asking the questions he wanted to ask, Haydn laughed, gave the middle-aged assistant a meaningful look, and then moved to the side. Bevulas stood up, handed the materials in his hands to the attendant on the side, and then walked up to the assistant before saying, “Let’s go and give your apostle experimental subject number three a look. I hope it is worthy of the six sets of materials used. Oh, one more thing, could you tell me your name?”

The middle-aged assistant’s pale and somewhat plump face immediately flushed red from excitement. He straightened his body, and then said, “My name is Martin! Martin Gardner! Your distinguished self!”

“Martin…” Bevulas sized up the assistant seriously, and then nodded, indicating for him to lead the way. Martin immediately walked towards the elevator, Haydn and the attendants following behind. The researchers all put down their work, rushing out to make arrangements based on Martin’s orders. Even though no one knew what exactly happened, all of them knew what to do right now. Researchers were also people, wishing to live a bit better. Apart from science, knowing when and what they should do was also extremely important. 

At the center of the presentation hall, the six special chosen who hadn’t obtained any orders still stood there, staring forward lifelessly. Their intelligence had already been substantially damaged, completely ignoring the fact that their companion’s corpse was right in front of them. Meanwhile, inside the Void Prison, Dr. Connor was already sitting paralyzed on the ground, staring at the top of this hall, unknown as to what his mouth was muttering. 

All of them were abandoned people. 

Ten minutes later, Bevulas stood in a laboratory with rather simple and crude facilities, looking pensively at the naked male in the breeding tank. This was a well-proportioned male who was still asleep in the culture fluid. As his chest rose and fell, a string of fine bubbles was continuously produced. Moreover, what was the most striking was that there was a crystal exposed outside the pit of his stomach. Even though he was in a breeding tank, this male still made the surrounding people feel a formless pressure. 

Bevulas produced a pair of tortoiseshell pince-nez spectacles, and then walked close to the breeding tank. Only after looking at it for three whole minutes did he turn around and ask Haydn, “What do you think?”

“Eight levels.” This time, Haydn was extremely serious, not revealing a frivolous smile.

Bevulas nodded, saying to Martin, “Very good, this one isn’t bad. Then, what kind of pleasant surprise will experimental subject number two bring me?”

Martin had an answer long prepared in advance, immediately replying, “I can make two eight level abilities, and I can guarantee that one of the abilities will be in either Magic or Combat Domain. The cultivation time will take around three months, the chance of success around… 45%.”

“Then, what about the number one?”

“In theory, number one will have a ninth level ability, but only after the gene lock is deciphered a step further will this be possible. There is no way to estimate the probability of unraveling the gene lock, but it is definitely extremely low. That is why until this battle ends, it is best if we do not hope for a result.” Martin replied honestly. 

“The war might end quickly, or it might drag out for some time. Regardless, the war will eventually end. When that time comes, we still need the ‘Garden of Eden’ Project.” Bevulas said. 

Martin hesitated for a bit, but still summoned up his courage and said, “But… respected chairman, I have no choice but to inform you that because of a lack of materials, it is impossible for project number two and one to be carried out, to the extent where the research work cannot be carried out.”

Bevulas laughed, and then said, “This isn’t important, we can put the materials matter aside for now. From now on, this research base will be placed under your responsibility. Then, Mr. Martin, do you need anything else? Do not worry, just speak freely.”

Martin thought for a bit, and then said, "I admit that I do have a small request. Dr. Connor is a specialist in biology and genetics, his knowledge profound. I think, my research base lacks his type of assistant.”

Bevulas gave Martin a somewhat unexpected look, and then laughed, saying, “This way of thinking isn’t bad, just do as you please.”

After speaking, Bevulas prepared to leave the research base. Martin seemed to recall something, hurriedly chasing after him, suppressing his voice and saying, “Your distinguished self, according to my suspicions, there should be enough materials in reserve in Helen’s place, enough to complete the manufacturing of number one and two!”

Towards this rather shocking piece of information, Bevulas surprisingly only nodded, expressing that he heard what was said. When passing through the presentation hall, Bevulas gave the six incomplete chosen a look, pointed at them, and then said to Martin, “These cannot be wasted either. You should think of a way to recycle them.”

Martin stared blankly for a bit, and then immediately replied, “Yes, your distinguished self!”

Bevulas nodded, and then under Haydn’s company, climbed into the railway limousine before departing. However, when he left, the one seeing the chairman off from the other end of the red carpet was changed from Connor to Martin. 

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