Book 6 Chapter 4.3

Book 6 Chapter 4.3 - Consciousness

“After project number three is perfected, the special chosen’s life expectancies will be as long as five years! Even in their current incomplete development stage, their lifespans will reach a year and a half! A year and a half’s time, with an army that could face ninth level ability users, this is already enough to change the battlefield situation!” Dr. Connor spoke resolutely and decisively. He already couldn’t tend to the threat of Haydn’s status. 

Haydn released a light laugh, and then said, “I’ll admit that what you said is correct. This type of army is completely enough to change the battlefield situation, if, Dr. Connor, the chosen you provide can reach the standard described in the information you gave us. However, it is quite regretful, these things that are standing before us can’t even be considered defective goods!”

While speaking, Haydn reached his hand into the air, and then a pistol at a guard’s waist entered Haydn’s hands. The young man didn’t take the time to aim at all, aiming at a special chosen, and then fired three times! Three bullet holes immediately appeared in the chosen’s upper body, forming a triangle, blood continuously pouring out from them. Of the three shots, one entered the strengthened shoulder armor, another hitting the left side of its chest, the third opening up a hole in its abdomen. 

This was a representative new era pistol, with high precision, fast firing speed, and large ammunition capacity. However, the power wasn’t that great, inferior to even the olden era’s Magnum. Even those with four levels of defense could effectively defend against it, while for fifth level ability users, even if they were shot at close range, they would just receive some superficial injuries. From Haydn’s three shots, one could immediately see that this special chosen only had around four levels of defense strength, not the seven levels Dr. Connor spoke about at all!

The special chosen didn't evade, nor did they reveal an expression of pain, illustrating that the emotion and pain control systems were quite successful. However, blood continuously poured out from the bullet holes, flowing faster and faster with no signs of stopping. Moreover, a bit later, fine tissue granules even began to appear in the blood!

Bevulas’ brows slightly furrowed. As the blood flow increased, the chosen’s body began to sway back and forth, and Connor’s complexion also became a pale as paper. As an authoritative figure in the biology and genetics field, how could he not see what was happening? Inside this special chosen’s body, its genes were currently undergoing complete collapse at astonishing speed!

With a thunk sound, the chosen’s massive body fell heavily onto the ground. 

Haydn tossed the pistol onto the ground, and then with the voice of a fiend said, “Just four levels of defense, and just a few bullet holes are enough to cause genetic collapse, these are the results of project number three that consumed an unprecedented amount of expenditures? Dr. Connor, your sense of humor is quite admirable, but today is May 11th, not April 1st. You should just let us see your distinguished self’s true achievements!”

Dr. Connor’s face experienced an instant myriad of changes, his completely round eyes covered in bloody wisps. He didn’t even hear Haydn’s words, immediately throwing himself onto the dying chosen, frantically tearing at its clothes while roaring, “This is impossible! Definitely impossible!!”

After tearing off the clothes, the doctor discovered that he couldn’t do anything to the chosen’s body. As such, he jumped up again, grabbed a dagger from a guard’s body, and then ignoring the blood everywhere, hacked open the special chosen’s chest with all of his strength. When its chest was opened up, thick blood plasma immediately sprayed out, splashing onto the doctor’s head and face! Mixed within the blood plasma were large amounts of internal organ fragments after they broke down. At this moment, all of the internal organs in the chosen’s body became a thick mixture of blood, mincemeat, and bodily fluids. 

While looking at this scene, Dr. Connor’s body gradually began to shudder. He suddenly jumped up, rushed towards the middle-aged assistant who had been standing cool-headedly by the corner the entire time, fiercely grabbed his collar, and then roared hysterically, “What is going on? Where are the materials? Where did the materials go? I had you use half of the materials on them, so why isn’t there any at all?!”

However, the assistant who was normally extremely respectful, strictly carrying out the doctor’s every order, seemed especially cold. He grabbed Connor’s hands with a single go, and then slowly pulled them away with strength the doctor couldn’t resist. With a casual push, it made Connor stagger back several steps. Dr. Connor was completely shocked, looking at this assistant who had suddenly become an independent individual. 

The assistant organized his slightly wrinkled laboratory uniform a bit, and then said with a voice that was cold to the extreme, “I apologize, Dr. Connor, I could not carry out your distinguished self’s orders, because the materials have already been completely used up.”

“Impossible! I clearly remember that there are still six sets of materials! Where did they all go?” Dr. Connor said through gritted teeth, his face already sinister to the point where it was almost warped. 

The assistant looked at him coldly, as if he was looking at a dead person, saying, “I greatly apologize, doctor, I believe your distinguished self is even more clear than me on the fact that the materials cannot be reproduced. Such precious materials shouldn’t be used on the completely unripe project number three. Under circumstances where we cannot acquire any more materials, all mass-production claims are utter lies! That is why, for the sake of the parliament’s interest, I will not tolerate becoming an accomplice to your distinguished self’s lies. All of the materials have been used by me on the ‘Apostle’ experimental subject number three.”

“Apostle experimental subject number three?” Dr. Connor repeated this a few times, and then suddenly recalled something, roaring angrily, “You bastard! You dare touch that third super-chosen? I’m going to kill you!”

Connor grabbed the bloody dagger, throwing himself at the assistant. However, he only managed to take a single step before he couldn’t move any further forward, rising from the ground beyond his control and floating in midair.

Haydn didn’t do anything, but everyone knew that what sent Connor into the air was ‘Void Prison’, his unique eighth level magic ability. Haydn laughed, and then asked, “May I interrupt you two for a bit? What exactly does this material refer to?”

The assistant gave Haydn a respectful bow, and then said, “The materials refer to the genetic matter acquired from Su’s body tissue specimens, within it an extremely complex gene lock that far exceeds our current level of technology. After accomplishing the first phase of unraveling the gene lock, the information that we acquired helped us complete the ‘Garden of Eden’ Project’s first stage, all of the chosen the products of this first stage. However, what is quite regretful is that the materials are limited, moreover cannot be duplicated. In addition, there doesn’t seem to be any possibility of successfully duplicating it either.”

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