Book 6 Chapter 4.2

Book 6 Chapter 4.2 - Consciousness

However, many weapon specialists frowned. Even though the power exceeded their expectations, that didn’t mean that this was an outstanding firearm. In reality, the parliament’s level of science and technology had long reached the level where it could make firearms with even greater power, a heavy sniping cannon with an eight level ability user operating it able to completely destroy a main battle tank. However, the problem was that high level ability users were extremely rare, and without being in a close enough distance, even if the heavy sniper cannon’s firing speed reached four thousand meters per second, high level ability users still had the chance of escaping. Meanwhile, in close distance, close combat fighting was a more effective tactic. In the present age where ability users gradually became the rulers of the battlefield, the practicality of these types of weapons was already much inferior to the past. 

What was more important was that even though this firearm’s power was sufficiently great, its design wasn’t perfect, to the point where it couldn’t even compare to the other heavy sniper cannon prototypes in other laboratories. After all, Dr. Connor specialized in genetic modification, and not weapon research and development. In the Blood Parliament, the importance of biological genetic research was far greater than other technologies, the ‘Apostle’ project the doctor managed even more so obtaining over half of the parliament’s supercomputing centers, so one could see just how important it was.

To manufacture this type of heavy sniper firearm instead of working on the ‘Apostle’ project with great prospects, what exactly did Connor wish to do?

Many people revealed expressions of puzzlement, to the extent where even the research institute’s researchers were included in this group. It was clear that Dr. Connor hid this project even from them. Meanwhile, Bevulas’ eyes were half opened, not expressing anything. Haydn carried a smile of ridicule as he looked at everyone.

As if understanding everyone’s doubts, Dr. Connor cleared his throat, and then said, “Great chairman, this gun looks to be full of flaws. However, after seeing what is to come, I promise that your distinguished self will not be thinking that any longer!”

Connor clapped his hands, and then the sliding gate to the side of the hall slowly rose. Seven chosen walked out from behind the door in a group. Their body types were rather strange, upper bodies especially wide, their right shoulders in particular twice the size of an ordinary person, the surface covered in a thick layer of exoskeleton. Meanwhile, their legs had reversed joints, right arm also twice as thick as normal. As soon as these chosen appeared, the research workers who carried information that had long been prepared handed them into the hands of Bevulas and Haydn. 

This group of special chosen had seven levels of localized defense strengthening, five levels of power and five levels of weapon control ability. In addition, through referencing the Scorpions of Disasters’ technology, they underwent emotional castration, weakening their sense of pain, and at the same time strengthening their perception ability. This was a batch of monsters manufactured specifically for war, and they were clearly made to match the heavy sniper rifle that had just been demonstrated.

Bevulas placed the information in his hands to the side, and then like an old man, slowly said, “The gun from just now, was it specially made for these individuals?”

The crucial moment had arrived. 

Dr. Connor took a step forward, slightly bowed, and then spoke with a rhythmic voice, “This gun and these chosen were designed as a whole entity, specially manufactured for them, so it could be said that the gun and man are one. These chosen, when equipped with this special gun, could pose fatal threat to all ninth level ability users within a range of five hundred meters. If the seven of them coordinated to released a hail of bullets, then they could threaten any ninth level ability user within a range of a thousand meters. In addition, the new breakthrough we made from the Scorpions of Disaster’s emotion control technology was applied to their bodies, so they don’t fear death, incredibly valiant, and unconditionally obedient! Even if they are ordered to kill themselves, they would still immediately carry this out. Most importantly, these chosen can be mass produced! Because only certain abilities are needed, and only specific areas are strengthened, their manufacturing costs are much lower than that of the previous chosen. With the amount of resources needed to make a seventh level ability user, eleven of this type of chosen can be produced. Respected chairman, Lord Haydn, this means that we finally have the strength to keep ninth level ability users in check. In the parliament, no, the entire continent, the number of ninth level ability users is incredibly few, while chosen can be made without limit! I believe that your distinguished self, with this type of chosen army, can become a true world ruler of the doomsday battlefield!”

“World ruler?” Bevulas repeated this with a low voice, the muscles on his face moving a bit, revealing a pensive smile. 

Haydn raised his head towards the sky, not looking at anyone inside of this hall, his golden pupils passing the transparent glass curtain wall above, landing on the computing centers in a different area. The enormous crystal pillar-like computing centers continuously flickered with all types of radiance. Haydn seemed a bit more interested in this type of radiance, not even giving the seven special heavy sniping chosen the slightest bit of attention. In the demonstration just now, these chosen, when equipped with the heavy sniper cannon, posed life threatening danger to ninth level ability users, and there were seven of them less than twenty meters from Bevulas. However, no one objected to this, unknown if they truly believed Dr. Connor’s description of being able to completely control them. 

Bevulas muttered a bit to himself, his eyes continuously scanning over the seven chosen’s bodies. With each passing second, the sweat on the forehead of Dr. Connor who was waiting would increase a bit.

Just as Dr. Connor felt as if he couldn’t endure it any longer, Bevulas finally spoke. “Limitless mass-production? This idea isn’t bad, I like it.”

Dr. Connor’s face became slightly sluggish, but it immediately became rapt with ecstasy.

Bevulas leaned back. He gave Haydn a look, asking, “What do you think?”

Haydn spoke rather absentmindedly, “Limitless mass-production is naturally not bad, but there seem to be some other preconditions. Also, these monsters are far from being as great as he says they are, they are just some shoddy goods made from stinting materials. I don’t believe that a chosen who can’t even live longer than a month will be of any help to us. Instead of doing this with the resources, it might be better to just make a complete seventh level chosen.”

“A month?!” Connor cried out. Even though he was facing Haydn, he still clearly forgot himself. The reason for this was very simple: it was because this assessment Haydn gave was equivalent to pronouncing the death of the entire project.

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