Book 6 Chapter 39.8

Book 6 Chapter 39.8 - Silent

Star dove into the lake water, found the largest egg cluster, and then bit through the outer shell, making its way in. Then, large amounts of white foam surged, sealing it within. This was the egg cluster of a large scale biological weapon, the embryo inside not taken form yet, yet it already became the nutrients Star needed to transform itself.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Little Luo quietly tore through a new egg cluster, also making her way in. She knew that she ate a bit too much, but just couldn’t control herself. Ever since she left her mother’s side, she felt a strange thirst for powerful food matter, only when she ate until she couldn’t eat anymore would she feel a slight sense of security. In this planet, there were too many things that made her feel uneasy, dangerous auras that were either open or hidden continuously stimulating her, while the greatest fear originated from her paternal body. Even before her birth, she knew that her paternal body’s summoning couldn’t be resisted, and it basically represented her end. The only chance was if she gathered enough power before her paternal body called her, allowing her to escape from this planet, leave the range of the summoning.

The current situation actually already left Little Luo surprised, never expecting that not only did Su not devour and absorb her, he instead allowed her to absorb his own biological army. Those egg clusters were all comparatively high-level biological weapons, even if they didn’t take form yet, they still made her feel a vague feeling of threat. Meanwhile, the half-formed embryos within possessed energy that was delicious to the point where she almost couldn’t tend to anything else. Why did her paternal body act this generous? She was confused, and then her will of this world’s knowledge came to a conclusion that wasn’t all that wonderful; in human tradition, convicts sentenced to death would always eat their fill before their execution.

This thought made Little Luo’s blood run cold, she continuously consoled herself that her paternal body wasn’t human. However, if Su wasn’t human, then there was even more reason for him to devour her. The answer to this issue was like a coin’s two sides, only, neither side made one feel joy.

Since she was going to die anyway, then she’ll just eat her fill! This was what Little Luo thought. When facing her final moments, she strangely discovered that she didn’t feel too much fear, instead starting to think back. Everything she saw, everything she heard during her short life was recalled, but what rested at the center of her memories was her mother who almost died under her own hands. Many of her mother’s actions were done without understanding what she was doing, but now, Little Luo instead felt like she understood them a bit.

Not all of the egg clusters were content with being devoured. Ever since Little Luo and Star entered the breeding lake, all of the creatures in the egg clusters clearly sped up their incubation and growth process. Moreover, at the edge of the lake, there was already a group of biological weapons who successfully broke out from their cocoons and emerged. They immediately leapt to the lake shore, moreover starting their flight abilities, leaving the underground space in groups, gathering in preset locations. For Little Luo, this was simply her food rebelling and escaping, completely intolerable. She jumped out of the lake surface, then glared at the newly produced biological weapons like a tiger watching its prey.However, she was facing several dozen powerful creatures, and they clearly operated in groups. Once Little Luo attacked, she would immediately suffer crazy retaliation. Su wouldn’t interfere with the process of eating, but Little Luo’s evolution grade was clearly higher than these biological weapons’, so if she couldn’t even successfully eat like this, still needing help, then what she would obtain might not be of any help, but instead be directly eaten by her paternal body. This was the logic of ultra life forms. 

Little Luo hesitated a bit, and then her rationality determined that the success rate of eating them didn’t exceed 10%, but the enticement of trying something with lower probability was greater than the opportunity on the surface. This was where the charm of gambling laid. However, in the end, she chose to be careful, after all, this giant lake nurtured many creatures, so there was no need to take the risk.

Su stared at the lake, quietly watching everything, including Star’s transformation and Little Luo stealing food. He was extremely calm, truly calm, not thinking anything, only quietly watching, watching as the two little fellas moved about according to their understanding of this world. They both had powerful instincts, deeply affected by this world. Moreover, one could see that the source of these two little fellas’ influence came from their mothers, leaving a powerful imprint on their bodies. Little Luo was clearly a bit more reckless, while Star was a bit reserved, but didn’t lack true bravery.

This was a rarely obtained peace. Su only watched, not thinking, his instincts not disturbing him either. At the very depths of the underground lake, the main brain already completed its development, which was why it was enough as long as he handed the analysis and calculation work to the main brain, allowing Su to display a rare laziness.

At this time, Star finally completely its transformation, small fine white hands tearing through the egg walls, making its way out from inside. Then, it floated to the lake surface, standing before Su. Little Luo didn’t want to be outdone, immediately giving up on eating, also appearing before Su, just that she stood on the other side. The two little fellas stood against each other again, with Su in the center, forming a straight line.

Star was extremely pretty, a neutral type of beauty without any deviation to a gender, a bit similar to Su’s style, but even more so had Persephone’s charm. It was naked, no sex could be seen. Star didn’t think about the issue of gender either, what it needed was only to become a human, because this was what its mother, as well as its paternal body wanted.

Star had always wanted to turn into human form, but never had the conditions to do so. At that time, it had to maintain the greatest combat strength to deal with dangers that might appear at any time. Only now that it truly turned into a human form, did it discover that its combat strength was greatly limited. For example, the speed at which its two legs ran at just couldn’t compare to that of its six limbs, stability and shock resistance even more so not in the same level. The shape of its feet was unfavorable for grabbing, making it lose the ability to travel through all terrain. However, fortunately, it already grasped anti-gravity flight abilities, so it didn’t need all-terrain movement that often anymore. Star consoled itself like this, but it didn’t have much persuasiveness. Anti-gravity flight’s greatest issue was that it lacked the ability to immediately stop and turn, and this just happened to be the most crucial characteristic in combat.

Star’s movements would still be rigid and unnatural, for example, its four limbs would occasionally move in different directions, head also rotating unnaturally. Meanwhile, Little Luo already wouldn’t make these types of mistakes, but in battle, she definitely wouldn’t feel any misgivings. It was to the extent where she already learned to take advantage of her enemies’ general knowledge pitfalls to deliver a fatal blow. For example, when she jumped over, enemies would often attack at her back, and then they would discover that her back became her front. Her body didn’t move, it was just her head that moved. Meanwhile, Little Luo’s four limbs could move freely to begin with.

When looking at these two little fellas who still bore hostility against each other, Su laughed helplessly, waving his hand to let them move freely. Little Luo and Star made the same choice, both of them rushing to the lakeshore, choosing a clean and warm place before curling up and sleeping. They both ate enough, what they now urgently needed was sleep and digestion.

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