Book 6 Chapter 39.7

Book 6 Chapter 39.7 - Silent

In the depths of the southern continent, Su was currently standing on the clear underground lake surface, looking at his two children. Little Luo was still in her little girl appearance, while Persephone’s child maintained its original form. This was the first time the two little fellas met, but they didn’t feel the slightest bit of intimacy, staying far away from each other, between the two, was Su. If Su wasn’t here, then the two little fellas might immediately carry out a life and death battle that would continue until one side was completely destroyed. This was a hostility that came from their instincts.

Su was quite conflicted.

He had a strong urge to completely devour these two fellas. On this planet, even on this entire star domain, apart from Su, there was no need for there to be a second ultra life from. All ultra life forms, for Su, were natural enemies that would fight with him over food, even if they were his own children. In reality, these two fellas were completely unexpected by-products. Actually, there was also a third little fella. That was why forget about an entire planet, even if it was several stellar systems, four ultra life forms were a bit too many.

The two fellas floated a meter from the water surface. Apart from looking at Su or watching each other with hostility, they spent most of their time staring at the lake water. The clear lake water was actually nutrient fluid Su converted from the biological solvent, within it a sea of energy, possessing fatal appeal for the two little fellas. In the depths of the lake, the main brain that had just formed was also greedily absorbing the lake water’s energy. All of the lake water was transformed from Rochester’s biological solvent, but from an evolutionary perspective, it was much higher quality than the biological solvent. Even if they were ultra life forms, it was hard to resist the purity of this lake water.

“Come over!” Su unfolded his arms. This time, the two little fellas looked at each other in dismay, but each of them immediately strove to rush into Su’s embrace before the other.

Su carried a little fella in each hand, but he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The two little fellas didn’t know how much strength he had to exhaust just to suppress his instincts’ urge. However, since his instincts were suppressed, Su wouldn’t do anything to his children, they didn’t have to express such intimacy.

In reality, their instinctive fear prevented them from defying Su’s orders, nor did they dare anger him.

After patting the two little fellas, Su said, “Go ahead, eat the things here as you wish.”

The two little fellas were immediately overjoyed, diving headfirst into the clear lake water, gulping down large mouthfuls of the lake water rich with energy. Little Luo swam while staring at the egg cluster floating in the lake water. For her, these things were much more enticing than the lake water. However, she was extremely intelligent, not doing things without permission, instead turning around to look at Su with her black gemstone-like eyes.

“You can eat as you wish.” Su waved his hand, and as a result, Little Luo released a cheer, directly throwing herself onto a large egg cluster, frantically sucking at it. She knew that these egg clusters were all useful to her paternal body, which was why even though she really wanted to eat all of them, she sensibly chose not to eat too much to prevent making her paternal body feel unhappy. Moreover, there was another fella here, it wouldn’t let her get away with this either.

Right when Little Luo was focused on eating, the other fella that she hated bitterly was thinking about other things, somewhat distracted from eating. It floated up and down in the lake water, and then suddenly set its resolution, jumping out of the lake water, standing before Su. Then, with human speech, it said, “I want a name.”

“What?” Su was a bit surprised.

“I want a name! “The little fella became more and more resolute.

Su saw a bit of Persephone’s figure from its body. That was a beautiful, magnanimous, and enchanting woman, possessing a similarly impressive courage. Right now, this little fella could actually resist its instinctive fear, firmly stating its request, its bravery extremely similar to its mother.

“Your mother didn’t give you a name?” Su asked gently.

The little fella lowered its head a bit, looking a bit frustrated. “She didn’t. She said that if I had a name, she would remember me, and that would be extremely dangerous for me.”

Su was stupefied, only now understanding why Persephone never brought up the matters regarding her child, it turns out she already specially erased this portion of her memories. Back then, Persephone was still an ability user who was less than nine levels, erasing her memories was actually equivalent to destroying the portion of her brain pertaining to memory storage, the damage this brought to her body self-evident. The reason she did this, was obviously because she didn’t want to let an enemy discover information about her child after she was captured and had her brain searched.

At the very depths of Su’s heart, there was something that moved slightly. He squatted down by this little fella, muttered a bit to himself, and then said, “Then, let’s just call you Star. I remember that your mom really liked looking at the starry sky.”

“Starry sky? Isn’t the sky full of clouds of radiation?” Star asked, a bit confused.

“There is none right now, but there might be in the future. Right now, do you want to turn into a human form?” Su reached out and lightly tapped the little fella’s head.

The little fella nodded its head and said, “I can! However, I need a bit of time!”

Su smiled and said, “Go then! We have a lot of time.”

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