Book 6 Chapter 39.5

Book 6 Chapter 39.5 - Silent

Rochester flew up, a dividing wall opening before him. After recovering his body, he automatically obtained a portion of control over Valhalla. Valhalla belonged to the apostles, Fitzdurk was the controller, but not the owner.

He directly flew out of the ship, stood in front of Madeline’s body, gave her a look, and then sighed, sitting down at her side. Rochester produced a box of cigarettes from who knows where, lit one, and then after taking a deep breath, said, “I can tell that you just awakened, this matter is definitely extremely hard to accept, right? Back then, I was also like this. Even now, the decades of life experience before the war are still fresh in my mind.”

Madeline coldly said, “Your will of this world is extremely strong.”

“And what is so strange...

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