Book 6 Chapter 39.4

Book 6 Chapter 39.4 - Silent

The continent’s west sea shore had an expanse of precipitous rocks. Today, the winds were powerful, great waves beating against the shore again and again, releasing thunderous noise, sending black sprays more than ten meters into the air. There was a dark thing that flew out from the tip of the wave, hanging from the sharp rocky cliff.

That dark lump wriggled about, climbing onto the cliff, and only then could one see that this was actually a half bald skinny and shriveled old man. However, only part of his upper body remained, two arms also badly damaged, almost impossible to tell that they were arms. He climbed to the top of the cliff, breathed heavily for a bit, and only then did he raise his head and look towards the sky.

The clouds of radiation were currently scattering, Starship Valhalla’s body making its way out from the depths of the clouds, stopping above the crippled elder. Fitzdurk’s voice sounded from above, saying, “Inheritor, are you finally willing...

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