Book 6 Chapter 39.3

Book 6 Chapter 39.3 - Silent

However, suddenly, the will that surrounded the entire ocean floor world completely disappeared, the water temperature immediately decreasing. All life felt a strange fear, starting to become panic-stricken. Even the fishmen were in chaos, not knowing what to do. They had never imagined the day would come when they lost the protection of that great will. At this moment, the ocean depths world truly collapsed.

The seafloor began to move, the fish and shellfish that built their nest on the ocean floor rock  watched in horror as their nests gradually shifted from their original locations. Meanwhile, through the series of rock caves, countless fishmen flocked over, swimming towards the sea surface with the fastest speed possible.

Millions of different sized creatures rushed out from the marine trench, rising in the ocean like a massive black cloud. Countless small and weak creatures exhausted their strength as soon as they left the marine trench, and then couldn’t endure the seawater’s icy coldness. Their bodies gradually became stiff, corpses moving one after another towards the trench’s depths. The ocean currents in the sea suddenly became chaotic, a giant figure starting to appear above. All of the creatures obtained some type of warning, and as a result, they immediately dispersed in all directions, but there were still countless small shrimp that couldn’t move away in time, and were thus caught up in the undercurrent, and then crushed to pieces.

The giant figure didn’t mind the frantically scattering creatures, instead directly throwing itself towards the ocean floor, instantly entering the marine trench depths.

A giant tentacle suddenly reached out from the trench depths, lashing viciously at the invading enemy. The tentacle flickered with bits of brilliant light, lightig up the intruder’s face: it was the Spider Empress Lanaxis. 

It was just one tentacle, yet it was even a bit thicker than the Spider Empress’ spider body. However, the Spider Empress blocked the tentacle’s attack with just two of her legs. She wasn’t interested in the meaty tentacle at all, but rather rushed straight towards the very depths of the marine trench; that was where her target was. 

The depths of the ocean trench was a world without light, covered in tough and rugged ocean rock. However, right now, countless cracks were currently appearing on the seabed, and the center of the rock continuously swelled up. Then, under rumbling noises, it completely disintegrated, an extremely large head reaching out from within. The head was covered within a dark black shell material, the dozen or so eyeballs lining the sides gradually opening, scanning the surroundings. It frantically shook its body, the price of this the complete collapse of the marine trench.

The entire seabed continuously ruptured and collapsed. An unprecedentedly giant creature crawled out from the ocean floor, massive tentacles also breaking through the earth, brandishing about in the ocean, stirring forth endless terrifying undercurrents. Compared to this giant creature, the Spider Empress was like a harmless little fish. Her movements were extremely fast, the undercurrents produced by the tentacles unable to hinder her in the slightest. The Spider Empress was like an arrow that left the bowstring, fiercely shooting towards the giant monster’s head. Then, her hands stabbed into its outer shell, forcefully ripping it apart!

The giant creature at the seafloor released a world-shaking roar, howling out with powerful spiritual power, “I am the Lord of the Frozen Sea Pridekla! Creature of the surface, I’ve never invaded your country before, why have you come to harm me?”

“Lord of the Frozen Sea Pridekla?” The Spider Empress laughed coldly. Even though her body size was far inferior to her opponent’s, her spiritual power was several times stronger. “Nothing more than a large mutated octopus, yet you even dare call yourself Lord of the Frozen Sea? If not for the fact that I still consider you a delicacy, I wouldn’t even bother replying to your question. Alright! Now, you can just be at ease and become my food!”

Under the Spider Empress’ terrifying power, a gap was forcefully torn open on the side of Pridekla’s head, and then the Spider Empress’ entire body dove in!

Pridekla roared angrily. The Spider Empress’ body was wrapped around by a tentacle, tightly fastened, wishing to pull her out from its own body, however, aside from inflicting greater pain to itself, this didn’t have any other effects. Its other tentacles were all crazily lashing about, everything that they made contact with, regardless of whether it was rock or seabed, would break into pieces under the thrashing.

A storm began to surge at the seafloor, moreover extending all the way to the water surface. The Lord of the Frozen Sea’s roars of pain covered a large half of the frozen sea.

Soon afterwards, the frozen sea gradually calmed, Pridekla’s roars on a spiritual level also gradually became quiet. After a bit of time, the Spider Empress stood up from the Lord of the Frozen Sea’s body, starting to float upwards. She already ate her fill, so she had hardly any interest in Pridekla’s massive body. When she rose to the surface, the cold winds that rushed at her gave her an extremely cozy feeling, her restlessly stirring instincts also gradually calming. She felt a bit lazy, only wishing to find a place to take a nice nap, properly digest the newly obtained giant life energy.

However, at this time, she realized that she seemed to have forgotten something. Before eating, there seemed to be a fella named Josh Morgan who came looking for her.

“Josh!” She suddenly cried out, only now realizing, where was Morgan?

The things that happened one after another began to replay before her eyes. She floated in the sky in a daze, and only after a long time had passed did she release a deep sigh. She reached towards her chest, removing a piece of a flickering metal fragment. This was an amulet that had already completely deformed, but it could still be opened. Inside of it were two photographs that were pieced together, one of a family of three, the male inside clearly a younger Josh Morgan, while a sweet little girl sat on his knees, but her face lacked all expression. The other one was a mature beautiful young lady with flowing golden hair, her face similarly lacking all expression.

This was the final trace Morgan left in this world. The instant before his death, he used all of his body’s energy to protect this amulet.

“Helen… I understand your intention.” The Spider Empress slowly closed her palms. When her hands separated again, that amulet had already disappeared without a trace.

She floated above the northern extreme frozen sea, not doing anything, only quietly floating. She looked at her hands, and then examined the abundant energy within the depths of her body, and then a bitter smile slowly appeared on her face, saying to herself, “It seems like I already ate, sigh… forget it. After eliminating those apostles, I will leave this place. Don’t worry, Josh, this is our homeland, I won’t let it be destroyed. Only, there is still Helen and Madeline… I really don’t know how to deal with them, sigh.

Once the perfect body revived, it would immediately choose to eat, obtaining enough energy to evolve itself. Only then would it be considered to have finished its growth, which was also the complete control over its host body, moreover converting it into its own tissues. This was to say, after eating, the host body would no longer exist, only the perfect body left over. This was the conclusion reached when the perfect body was studied before, and with the present world’s technology level, there was no way of even knowing where the end point of the perfect body’s evolution was. The known data expressed that the perfect body could grow to at least a planet-sized life form, and it also possessed planetary level strength corresponding to its size. This type of life form, for any planet that gave birth to it, was a disaster.

Right at this time, the distant Valhalla suddenly trembled, Fitzdurk revealing an extremely surprised expression. Under his control, Valhalla quickly changed directions, speed instantly reaching its limit, flying southwest. Above the starship, Madeline was still sitting quietly, not moving, only a head of silver hair fluttering in the air.

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