Book 6 Chapter 39.2

Book 6 Chapter 39.2 - Silent

Valhalla slowly moved at low altitude, the thousands of scars and hundreds of holes recovering bit by bit. At the highest point of the bridge of the starship, Madeline hugged the heavy sword, quietly sitting there, gazing into the distance. The wind blew her long hair all over the place, but it was unknown what she was thinking.

The clouds of radiation were also blown open by the wind, the orange glow of the setting sun sprinkling down like blood. One streak just happened to shine on Valhalla, adding a heavy layer of warm yellow and red colors onto it.

Only, everyone knew that this quietness was temporary, danger might reappear at any moment. The Spider Empress’ words before leaving still rang through the bottom of the apostles’ hearts. An ultra life form suddenly needing large amounts...

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