Book 6 Chapter 39.11

Book 6 Chapter 39.11 - Silent

Persephone’s brows stood vertically, and then she gradually calmed herself, saying indifferently, “He is Su.”

O’Brien nodded, not saying anything. The mechanical bug swarm had long left, but Arthur Family’s people were still nervous to the point where they couldn’t breathe, still standing like statues, in disbelief that a devastating catastrophe just went right past them. As he watched his panicked clansmen, O’Brien shook his head again.

When ten million combat units gathered together, it could only be described as a mechanical tide. They passed over the continent, crossed the sea, and then finally reached the southern continent. When the frontline of the mechanical bugs reached the southern continent’s skies, a sealed order was immediately released from the central star battle level mothership. As a result, all of the mechanical units changed to ‘purge’ mode.

Countless specks of light appeared in the night sky, numerous high energy light beams shooting into the dense rainforest. Not only did they instantly shoot down numerous large scale mutated creatures, their distinctive high temperature also produced a great flame. A wave of miniature guided missiles exploded above the rainforest, releasing large amounts of inflammable gas, and then burning fiercely. The high temperature evaporated the water content in the rainforest, moreover breaking it down, thus making the flames burn with even greater ferocity. The weapons this batch of mechanical units carried were completely for targeting the southern continent.

In the blink of an eye, a line of raging flames ignited along the coastline, burning southward. The mechanical bug swarm didn’t stop in the slightest, instead starting to spread out, extend into the depths of the continent. Wherever they went, that place would inevitably be covered in a sea of flames.

On a pile of soil that was originally moist and soft, a mushroom suddenly swayed intensely, the top splitting open, unexpectedly revealing an eyeball! It looked towards the night sky, the depths of its pupils instantly reflecting the scene of countless mechanical combat units circling about above. The mushroom’s eye closed again, and then it suddenly exploded, borrowing the energy produced by the explosion to transmit information carrying images into the distance. This irregular energy pulse immediately drew the mechanical units’ attention, several streaks of energy light beams burning down this place. However, the mushroom had long exploded, those energy beams merely futilely exhausting energy.

At this time, in various parts of the southern continent, there were mushrooms, fruits, tree leaves, moss, eyes opening up one after another, and then transmitting the scenes they saw out. They were disposable intelligence gathering units, but ingeniously borrowed life forms to grow, avoiding all of the mechanical units’ detection. From those concentrated information beams, it seemed like these types of eyes and ears were all over the southern continent. All of the information passed through complex and hidden nodes, ultimately gathering towards the main brain deep underground. The so-called nodes, were just like the information gathering eyeballs, also formed through large or small, strange or ordinary organisms, among them including plants and animals.

Right now, the underground lake surface already produced a holographic three-dimensional image. On this endless dark night, mechanical combat units were currently rushing unendingly from the sea like a tide, everywhere they passed covered in raging flames. Regardless of whether it was humans or other mutated creatures, none of them could survive under such concentrated attacks. After just over ten minutes passed, if one looked down from above, they would see that a line of flames was gradually moving towards the continent’s depths. The line of flames gradually moved towards the depths of the continent, burning especially fiercely, able to quickly burn everything that could be burned in a short amount of time. That was why behind the advancing line of flames, was only deathly still scorched earth, not even half a spark left behind.

Purge, and then purge, moreover a purging even more thorough than that of the northern continent. When the northern continent was purged, insects and small creatures like mice could survive, but in the southern continent, the purge used more of a burning method. Wherever the line of flames passed, not even much organic matter would be left. Apart from a few insects that could hide deep underground, there were no biological survivors.

On the beautiful and fertile southern continent, there was a black patch that appeared on the northern shore, moreover quickly spreading.

The winds suddenly became great, the clouds of radiation surging violently. The crazy waves above the sea reached more than ten meters into the air, the world displaying its rage. Meanwhile, those with sharp perception could almost hear a vague howling of rage from beyond the sky!

The northern continent’s night was also pitch-black, wind similarly crazily sweeping about, torrential rain starting to pour down. Bean-sized water droplets descended amidst fluttering snowflakes, becoming ice under the bitter coldness not long after descending. This was extremely nasty weather, no one willing to go out at this time. However, in the deathly still wilderness, there was a lonely figure walking unsteadily. He wore black priest robes, in his hands an old-fashioned suitcase, holding an old-fashioned umbrella that might fall apart at any time, and just like that, he faced the cold winds and freezing rain, advancing one foot after the other. The umbrella had almost no use, rainwater long soaking through his entire body, the bitter coldness making him shiver. By his feet, that unremarkable mixed fur puppy was actually following him, its fur long clumped together, rainwater splattering onto its fur before flowing onto the ground.

The rain became greater and greater, to the extent where thunder sounded continuously. Lightning tore through the world, connecting the wilderness with the sky.

“Little White, do you feel cold?” Even while in the wind and rain, the priest’s voice was still smooth.

The puppy at his feet jumped up, doing its best to cry out.

The priest laughed. A powerful gust of wind blew over, sending rainwater straight into his face. He reached out his hand to wipe away the rainwater on his face, stared into the distance, and then asked, “Little White, are you scared?”

The puppy barked even louder.

“If you aren’t scared, then that’s good!” The priest said with a smile. He stopped his footsteps, raised his head slightly, and then gazed into the distant sky. At the limits of his line of sight, the clouds of radiation suddenly divided, the slender and graceful Valhalla emerging. The starship flickered with a blue and white radiance, mysterious and magnificent. 

Only, Valhalla suddenly came to an emergency stop, the sudden change in position even making its ship body clearly tremble! At the central control room, Rochester looked forward in shock. The priest’s unremarkable body was enlarged in the center control room.

“How could it be him?!” Rochester’s voice shook a bit for the first time.

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